At Last Pakistan Does Something Good For Mr. Dilip Kumar And For India As Well!

We talk about the Pakistani government’s decision to declare Mr. Dilip Kumar’s ancestral house as national heritage and build a museum on that property. A step in the right direction!

This is such heart-warming news in a long time!

There is nothing new to talk about rivalry between India and Pakistan, but whenever there is an attempt made to bring the two nations closer, it gives birth to hopes of a new era.

This time the reason for happiness is none other than, the living legend of Indian cinema, superstar of the superstars, Mr. Dilip Kumar! It is for him that Pakistan is taking a step, albeit small, in a positive direction.

It is well known that Dilip Kumar was born and brought up in Peshawar in Pakistan as Yusuf Khan. However, he moved to Mumbai in early 1930’s with his entire family and made his career in Hindi movies. But a part of him remained back there in his 5-storey childhood home. That ancestral house which is in a dilapidated situation now due to ignorance of successive governments over the years has just got a breath of life! The Pakistan government has just declared it as a national heritage and is in the process of acquiring it from the people currently living in it to convert it into a museum! Isn’t this some rocking good news?


Whatever may be the political differences between the two nations, movies have always formed a strong bond. Dilip saahab has been the best mascot of peace with his huge fan following not only across the border but around the whole world. Any step taken to bring him closer to his fans, to showcase more of his exemplary life’s history to his followers can only be appreciated. Kudos to the Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif for taking this much needed, even though much delayed step in the right direction.

As per the reports, the government will acquire the house which is located in Peshawar’s famous Qisa Khawani Bazar area for Rs. 10.12million and will immediately star the work on converting it into a museum. There are also plans to invite Mr. Dilip Kumar with his complete family at the opening of the museum. Now that sounds like a picture perfect scenario! We can only imagine Dilip saahab’s happiness at just the thought of revisiting his childhood abode after so many years. So many memories, so many touching tales!

Let’s hope this symbolic step from Pakistan is a beginning of many more such events from both sides that lead to an everlasting peace in our region. We all can say thanks to the common bond between us, cinema!

Eagerly awaiting the making of this museum, may it showcase the best talents from both sides of the border!


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