10 Things You Should Do If Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow is the breeding ground of luminous hopes for us and we all look forward to it with bated breath. When the stream of day meets the estuary of sleep, we are exposed to a parallel universe and beholden to a new day again. If someone is in despair today, he expects his tomorrow will bring healing measures of the highest potentials.

While we live for tomorrow, time slips off imperceptibly and we miss our todays when we could do so much for ourselves. Living in the moment takes courage and will power which not many of us possess. However, if we were to die the next day or the existence of the world had to come to a halt, here are the 10 things you should have done:

Stop Panicking:

You have never seen the life after death and only read them in the stories so be cheerful that you are going to experience that. Panicking, on the other hand will only leave you dead today. Relax, chalk out a plan what to do today.

Think highly of yourself:

There have been many ways people wanted to put you down, talk patronizingly, belittle you, make jokes at your expense, have a big heart to forgive them because you are going to leave nothing back, not even memories.


Write down your hidden wish:

We all have an array of wishes nestled in our hearts. Whether you wanted to achieve a certain feat in your career or wanted to marry someone you worship, write down your wish, may be god fills that vacuum in your next birth.

Write your will:

You will only decide who gets your inheritance or things that you have earned in life so that your children don’t claw in each other’s throats for property.

Sing a song:

No matter if you are a nightingale or not, you can always sing your favourite song to your heart’s content and feel happy that you lived quite a life.

Plan your funeral:

You are lucky that you are getting to do that so you can send for some specialists, florists with whom you can discuss the event and pay them in advance so your wishes are carried out perfectly.


Leave people in a dilemma:

If some people have played you because they wanted you never get over them, call them and say you found a new love, this will leave them in dilemma until they hear the news of your death. It will be fun, say what?

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Write down the necessary details:

Your dependants might need them after you are gone. So, write down details like your bank account insights, and policy insights to they don’t have to run from pillar to post to retrieve the money.

Clear your stash:

You NEED to clear off your internet browsing history because you won’t want people to trade jokes on them after you.

Spend some time alone:

Solitude is all your need to introspect. It unburdens your mind and you can meet the angels with a lightness of spirit.

These are the ten things you should do if you are not going to see tomorrow.


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