How long will AAP evade direct responsibility?

AAP overruled democratic vote of people and they clearly do not have a long term strategy. How long they will sustain?

The Aam Aadmi Party is in reality TV mode. It takes special interest in keeping people confused and guessing. Just yesterday they were quite sure that the people of Delhi wanted them to form the government with Congress as per the initial results coming through their SMS and calls. But today, they are onto planning to hold 272 jan sabhas over the weekend to ascertain if the “people of Delhi” want the party to form a minority government.

The same AAP spokesperson Manish Sisodia, who had declared people’s verdict for AAP yesterday, is now saying that the final decision would be taken after taking into account the “opinion of people” at the jan sabhas. “It is true that the people who have responded want us to form the government. Our stand has always been that if people so wish, we will take that step. However, a final call will be taken after the jan sabhas,” he said.

Reportedly, AAP believes that the open debates held in these lok sabhas on the merits and demerits of forming a government in Delhi will help them made their mind on the issue. Also, the party leadership was reluctant to base its decision solely on the basis of messages and online feedback, fearing that these were “susceptible to manipulation”.

But AAP is forgetting that it resorted to social media on various issues. Whether it was of Lokpal or anti-corruption movement, they used social media to their advantage. It was the power of social media that helped their campaign reap good result in form of 28 seats in Delhi assembly elections. And yet, here they are, fearing the manipulative tendency of the social media.

Both the Congress and BJP have offered the AAP support from outside. Rather than showing humbleness or keeping one stance, Kejriwal and his party kept slamming both parties and yet expected them to support it after severe humiliation.

When Arvind Kejriwal shot off letters to Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh, asking them their opinion on 18 ridiculous issues, only the Congress responded. BJP changed its stance and said that it will not associate itself with AAP anymore.

But AAP had it pick anyway when it forced a referendum in the face of the people of Delhi who had already given their mandate. It overruled the democratic vote for the sake of its experiment and having another upper hand in the political game.

They clearly do not have a long term strategy. If this is the way they are going to rule, how long they are going to sustain?

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