Kejriwal’s new accusation: Crores spent on creating rift between him and Anna

Kejriwal cannot play a victim all the time accusing political parties without proof. It will be considered a practice to remain in news.

The rift between anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal is an open secret. This rift is only widening day by day.

Just a day after Anna slammed AAP and Kejriwal in a veiled attack after Lokpal was passed, Kejriwal made an accusation that crores of rupees were spent to create a rift between him and the Gandhian activist.

“Annaji is my guru and he can say anything to me, whatever he wants. But political parties are spending money to create differences between us. And crores have been spent,” Kejriwal said.

However, despite being pressed to identify those allegedly conspiring against him, Kejriwal smiled and replied that “all the bad people” of various parties had ganged up to create differences between him and Hazare.

If we must remember, Kejriwal had accused political parties of spending lakhs for defaming AAP. That time too he had failed to tell as to which political parties were doing so.

Kejriwal needs to understand that he is in politics now and he cannot play a victim all the time. He needs to take a solid stand on issues and if he is accusing somebody of something, he must have proof of it. Else it will be considered a practice to remain in news.

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