How About Sunny Leone Teaching Us History?


Stop jumping around thinking Sunny is going to take your next lecture! No, she is not!

This is just an idea we are exploring and we are 100% sure that if somehow this is brought into practice, none of our classrooms will ever be empty!

 Does this sound too exaggerated? Who cares?

The fact is that we are least interested in the subjects that matter and more inclined towards things that don’t hold much value in life except titillating us for a while! So why not mix them both? Sunny Leone teaching the youth of the country will be the next big thing in the world of education! As such, it is difficult to get kids to focus on anything these days, their attention span is limited and with all these gadgets at their disposal, they hardly care about what’s happening around them. Let Sunny take over and get these kids to behave!

We are sure you have many questions buzzing in your head about how to go about it! Let’s go step by step and help you understand the detailed methodology of bringing this idea of the century to fruition!

The first question coming to your head might be does Sunny Leone know enough to teach? Well, we can have experts teach her first and then she can teach the same stuff to students!

Secondly, how can one Sunny Leone teach a million students across the country?

Simple, this is the era of technology! Video-conferencing is the key for all such noble ideas, you know!

Thirdly, what is the guarantee that students will be focusing on studies and not on Sunny herself?

Well, here we can devise some incentive schemes for students. For example, if they deliver their assignments on time, score a particular percentage in exams, the lucky few out of them might get a chance for lunch or dinner with Sunny! Now think, which student is going to let go of such a lucrative offer?

May be we can keep Sunny’s lectures twice or at the most thrice a week, so that her exclusivity is maintained as well as the requirements for lectures is also met. Remember, this is not to undermine the sincere, genuine and worth-applauding efforts of all the teachers working so hard in various schools and college all year round. Sunny will not be their competitor, but kind of a support system. What she can’t teach due to her own limited educational background and time-constraints would obviously be taught by regular teachers!

Our nation needs to learn, understand and respect our history to make a better future. As such, no student ever said he or she loves history! May be Sunny can change the mindset and bring a revolution in the country! Once history is conquered, we can use her expert services in other subjects as well. After all, if this kind of an experiment succeeds in one subject, it will surely succeed in others too!

Think about it guys, this is the first step towards educational reforms, especially after the government of India is banning all kind of porn! What else can poor Sunny Leones of the world do? Let’s help her and many like her,  in helping us as well!

It’s a win-win situation, what say?

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