10 Comedy Series in YouTube You Must Subscribe To

Comedy Series in YouTube – You Tube is our constant source of entertainment.

While there are videos that beget adversities for children psyche, gory videos that unnerve our conscience, music videos that take us back in time and make nostalgic, new releases that fuel our hunger for entertainment news, there are comedy series that tickle our funny nerves all right.

You Tube has gained a huge momentum in this new wave of web series taking away the attention from television completely.

Audiences are more leaning towards You Tube because they can watch the videos during their daily commutes and bolster their mundane.

Here are some examples of the Comedy Series in YouTube you totally need to subscribe to:

Comedy Series in YouTube –

1. The Annoying Orange:

If you are into English comedy then this is a MUST. The protagonist is an atmospheric Orange with superimposed human eyes and mouth whose main motto is to irritate others in the funniest way possible.

2. NigaHiga:

It is a very popular You Tube channel where one guy features in the majority of videos, Ryan Higa. The comedy series is experimental and you will find different types of comedies such as Bright parodies (“Daily Life of Rustin Hieber”, “Movies in Minutes”), uproarious how-tos (“How To Be Gangster” or “How To Be Emo”), random rants (“Off the Pill”) and Q&A videos (“Dear Ryan”).

3. All India Bakchod:

It is one of the most popular channels in You Tube which has a plethora of satirical epic videos. This channel ropes in celebrities like Alia Bhat, Ranvir Singh et al and has a say in almost everything happening around. Tanmay Bhat is the common face of AIB whose comic timing and hilarious antics really makes our stomach hurt from laughing hysterically.

4. The Viral Fever:

This You Tube channel works in the same line as AIB with more than 600,000 subscribers they are deemed as one of the most followed You Tube channels in India.

5. Mania ki Duniya:

They have this popular 2D characters whose witty giveaways are downright hilarious. This You Tube channel gained a little less popularity so far than AIB and The Viral Fever but by no means less hilarious than them. The two characters are key attraction of this channel.

6. Comedy One:

Suresh Menon is the face of this comic channel who is a renowned comic artist. The videos are short but the fun quotient is high. This is a must visit channel if you feed on comedy.

7. East India Comedy:

The group of comedians with the same name who found this channel makes sure their stand-up acts really keep you glued. They also incorporate some sketches to have bigger draw with audiences.

8. Vir Das:

He is the maestro of comedy and is the poster boy of Indian English comic act. His stand-up comedy leaves other comedians in cold sweat for all the right reasons. You will go LOL completely, irrevocably watching his videos.

9. Abish Mathew:

He is one of the members of AIB team who runs his own channel named “Son of Abish” and the videos you can’t afford to miss if you love comedy.

10. Jay Hind:

Love Sumeet Raghavan? Then you will love this parodied talk show hosted by him where he interviews various personalities like Prasoon Joshi.

These are the top Comedy Series in YouTube – So, subscribe already!

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