Salman dares to cut the perfect Host Modi’s smile

Salman says he will vote for Congress while standing next to perfect host Modi.

“You vote for Modi, I will vote for Baba Siddiqa and Priya Dutt,” said a chirpy Salman Khan standing next to a very happy Narendra Modi. There is no money for guessing as to what happened next.

Yes, the smile that was playing on Modi’s face disappeared for few seconds.

Earlier Modi had announced Salman’s visit on twitter for Uttarayan festival.


He even went ahead and posted a picture of him with the Bollywood star.


Modi also gave us the detail of his lunch with Salman.


And his tweet information ended with a picture of Salman Khan flying kites.


But when the time came for Salman to bid adieu, he was flanked by his fans who were, ironically, doing Modi chants!

In what should be called a display of honesty, Salman said that “Modisaab” was a “good man” but his vote will go to three time Bandra MLA Baba Siddiqua and late Sunil Dutt’s MP daughter Priya Dutt – both from Congress.

The interesting stuff which came out at that time from his happy orifice was when he said, “I am from Mumbai. How can I decide who is the best man for the country?” And the best happened when he added that only God can decide country’s fate.

Well, dear Salman, Mumbai is a part of India and Mumbaikars will definitely vote in Lok Sabha elections. The best man will be decided by your vote. And no God has ever been able to change that in a democracy like us.

But he left with a prayer for Modi, who, by now, was standing still: “Jo Modi saab ke taqdeer mein ho, who Modi saab ko mile.”

This diplomatic answer, dear Salman, will save you from everything.

And finally two tweets for both:



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