Here’s A Water Bottle That You Can Eat! Yes, You Read It Right.


Plastic bottles or products are not only detrimental to us and nature but also the root cause of waste as they are non degradable and only few percent of plastic bottles get recycled.

But some organisations, who are concerned about environment do come up some innovative alternative. And of them is Skipping Rocks Lab.

This firm has developed an edible, plastic free water bottle that you can eat in a hope to replace plastic bottles. They thought of completely biodegradable water “bottle”. It  has biodegradable seaweed- and calcium chloride-based membrane that is safe for human consumption. One has to simply pierce the membrane and drink the water from the blob.

And the best part is that each orb can be created in just two cents.

“The most clear inspiration is the way nature encapsulate liquids using membranes. Made of lipids and proteins, the membrane enclose, limit and give a shape, keeping the balance between the interior and the exterior,”said the designer.

But this product has also received backlash as one cannot close or refill it.

” Not all of the reactions were positive, Some people say that [the bottles] are like breast implants or jellyfish.” said the designer.

This product has also won Lexus Design Award as well.

We hope that the product is out soon for masses.


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