13 Times Kids Came Up With Hilarious Answers To The Questions!

Funny Test Answers

Funny Test Answers – Believe it or not, sometimes, school kids can be very smart. There will be many who will relate to this saying “Nowadays, school kids are getting smart beyond their age.” These answers given by school kids shows how clever these kids are. Well, the answer given by them might not be right but they’re laugh-worthy.

It’ll really make you think “What were these kids really thinking?” Or you’ll end up saying “These kids are more creative than me.” Trust me; these answers are simply hilarious and I’m sure the teacher who checked their papers must’ve enjoyed a lot. Even she must’ve been like “When did I say that?” Anyway, now let’s get to the point.

Are you ready? Let’s begin –

  1. God’s creation

Funny Test Answers

  1. When you don’t know the answer… haha!

Funny Test Answers

  1. This one’s actually THOUGHTFUL.

  1. Equation Solved!!

5. Oh yes!

Funny Test Answers

  1. So easily done!!

  1. You’ve a dirty mind – Hehe!

  1. L. O.V.E

  1. This one is my FAVORITE.

  1. Full Marks!!

  1. Oh the 100 years question – R.I.P

Funny Test Answers

  1. Kid is in trouble (he wrote the truth)

Funny Test Answers

  1. Many kids will scream “Yesssss”

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