5 Classic Relationship Truths Every Guy Should Know

Women are complex, moody and sensitive as hell. That’s probably why men are forever confused about how to deal with their partners.

Women are complex, moody and sensitive as hell. That’s probably why men are forever confused about how to deal with their partners.

Should they be over sensitive and patronize their girls or be too strict and come across as tyrants? Well, well, here are five classic relationship truths that every guy worth his beer should know… read on!

It’s important to call:
Men hate talking on the phone (at least most men do). They would rather shoot across a text and watch a game on TV than hang around the phone and make small talk. May be it’s in their genes, may be all the guys go to the same school and are taught to behave like this, may be it’s just a guy thing…we will never know for sure. But whatever it is, you guys need to call your partners at least twice a day. It’s a non-negotiable thing because women like to yap. If you want to keep the spark in your relationship alive, keep her on speed dial.

Mood swings are a part of the deal:
Let’s face it, guys…women’s mood swings are legendary. They can go from happy to sad in minutes, especially during those four days when all hell breaks loose. What you need to understand is that this is an integral part of the relationship. In fact, most women fake it to understand if you can handle their tantrums. In a way, they are testing you. If you want to have some peace, indulge her mood swings. All you to do is listen to her rant and she will be okay in a bit.

It’s okay for her to chill with the ‘guys’:
You are in a relationship with her, you don’t own her. Just like you like to hang around with the guys, let her have fun with her set of friends too (irrespective of the gender). If she wants to grab a drink with her male colleague or guy friend from college, let her. The more freedom you give her, the more chances of her staying loyal. Because you’ll earn extra brownie points for a darling boyfriend. Aww.

You can’t call her fat:
This is another non-negotiable clause in a relationship. You simply can’t call her fat. As women wouldn’t talk about size and girth (ahem) with you, you shouldn’t broach the subject of their weight ever. EVER. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life on the couch, eating Chinese take-away.

Women are suckers for hugs and kisses:
It’s really this simple. Your girl digs those elaborate hugs and passionate kisses more than any gift in the world. Be generous with them and don’t chide her for acting ‘girly’ (whatever that means). If you like staying at home and watching car and bike shows more than shopping, she loves hugging and kissing more than sex itself. And cuddling. Yes, she loves that too.

Now that you know her better, time to shower you love on her? You bet it is!


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