Meet Caitlyn Jenner- A Journey From His To Her!


Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender Olympic champion formerly known as Bruce Jenner is finally free!

Caitlyn Jenner unveiled her new name and her glamorous look on Monday in a Vanity Fair cover shoot. Her step drew widespread praise and also smashed Twitter record earlier held by Barack Obama.

So from this…..


She looks like this!


Vanity fair cover…

She looks absolutely stunning and beautiful in this, don’t you think so?

Looks like breaking the internet is all in their family!

Check out this video by Vanity Fair.

From gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender campaigners to the well wishers of Caitlyn, everyone applauded her for coming out and setting an example.

These are some of the tweets in support of Caitlyn Jenner…

A tweet from President Obama Twitter handle…

Barack Obama

Kim who was always supportive of Caitlyn’s decision shared...


Even Lady Gaga tweeted and thanked Caitlyn!

Lady Gaga


It takes absolute guts and strength to take a stand like that and for coming out in a society which constantly believes in judging you.

Kudos to you Caitlyn for taking a step like this which might help others to change their mind and live the life they always wanted.

We are happy to finally see happy and free Caitlyn, what about you?

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