For This Thing Every Human Craved And Ran In Their Life Time


Two people were encapsulated in a jail.

One the creator and another, the destroyer!

It had been an hour since they both were facing each other.

Constant staring and complete exchange of furious glares lit up the jail. Each was waiting to make the opponent to make a move. Both were steadily moving forward.

This fight was not less than a world war. A simple blow here or there by any of them could mean that the apocalypse would arrive and completely gulp the world in a moment!

This war of the worlds was telecasted on the TV. Everyone was watching it and was engrossed in it. Each of their breath was counted. The hopes and their support were of course, with the creator. I, the narrator, am the sole weapon in this fight.

The creator uses me to kill the opponent. He had defeated 299 opponents until now. This was his last as he was retiring the next day and it would probably be mine too as each of the creators have their own weapon. The destroyer was a mighty being. His physical and mental strength could shake anyone and everyone with his mere presence or his shout.

They came near now.

The clock seemed to have the speed of a turtle and the hearts, the speed of light. One would not need a stethoscope to hear how the next person’s heart is beating.

Finally, they both were near as they could be ever. But hold, they did nothing but stare each other as if they have a perfect x ray and CT scan machine in them and they could analyze the opponent like nothing in the world.

The analysis was over and it was time of action.

The creator used me to do what he did to the last 299 opponents, cut throat open the opponent.

But alas, he failed!

That green little thing, which he broke from that destroyer which is very well known as a nuclear bomb was the wrong wire he had cut. His failure was punished with a loud bang, which literally stopped every beating heart and encapsulated the whole of the earth in silence.

Nothing left, no, not even the unbreakable bond between the creator and the destroyer or any living being.

All that remained on earth was I, a useless and wasted plier, with which something every human craved and ran in their lifetime for –  Eternal peace!

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