The Untold Story Of Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi That You May Never Get Heard Anywhere

Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi

Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi – The life of Bollywood celebrities attracts all of us, the way we see them on screen, we all wish to have a royal life like them but not everything goes well in their lives too.

Link-ups and break-ups, marriages and divorce are a part of their happening life

Arjun Kapoor, the handsome Bollywood actor with a macho personality is the son of Boney Kapoor but not with his present wife Sri Devi. Arjun is Boney’s first child from her first wife Mona Kapoor. The relation of Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi is pretty clear here, they share a relationship of stepmom and stepson.

It’s not something new in Bollywood there are many actors who had opt for second marriage while having kids with the first one and even after, their kids lived a happy life with their stepparents but here in this particular case the problem is in Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi relationship, They never shared a cordial and warm bond like others do.

There is a big story behind the bitter status of their relationship.

Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi have never been very candid about their relation. Arjun and his sister have actually been through a lot of things, when they were just in their teens, Boney gave up on his family and tied a new relation with a much younger actress Sri Devi. Mona, the first wife of Boney Kapoor has never object his relationship with Sri Devi, but once she poured her heart out to media and acknowledged how Arjun and Anushla have been through a lot in their schools. But this made Arjun even stronger to face the life. Mona never stopped her kids to remain cordial with Boney.

As Arjun and his sister Anushla have gone through a traumatic separation of their parents. Arjun once drained his innermost feelings out in a popular chat show,  “My relationship with her would never be normal. She is just my father’s wife and nothing beyond that,” quoted Arjun Kapoor.

He agreed that he never had a close bonding with her stepmom but he has no grudges with anyone. For Arjun, Sri Devi is just a person who shares a marital relation with his father. Not only with Sri Devi, Arjun doesn’t even share a good bond with his half-sisters Jahnvi and Khushi, as he shares with Sonam Kapoor

It resonates that Arjun Kapoor And Sri Devi don’t share a good bonding as most of the other Bollywood stepparents and kids do.

Generally,Bollywood kids easily accept their stepparents but Arjun never did so.

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