16 Crazy Things You Must Do Once In A Life Time!


Some people never go crazy!

And they never truly live!

We live only once and there is a lot to experience.  Life is too short to be spent in the mundane conventions of the world, and there comes a time in our lives when a certain factor causes us to snap out of the primitive programming, we were running on and provides us with a realization we most certainly need to break out, and act a little crazy, and craft some real memorable moments.

So, here are 16 absolutely crazy things, that might blow your mind while you read, but you must break the barriers and try them at least once in your life!

  1. Open your brave side. Spend a night in a camping tent somewhere far, alone!
  2. Swim in a pond or a river (deserted preferably), totally naked! Feel the liberation!
  3. Throw your most precious gadget out of the window and sing a song, loudly! Freedom!
  4. Take a nap on the footpath with your earphones on! The world belongs to you!
  5. Break into a psychotic dancing fit all of a sudden while shopping in a mall, until someone joins you or you are asked to move out!
  6. Take a homeless out for a dinner! Look around, there are many who would love to sit in a posh restaurant and eat, but cannot afford!
  7. Dump that job you always hated, but felt trapped in! Before leaving, show that finger to the ass**le of the boss you had, while you see yourself out! Make sure you come out dancing!
  8. Bungee jumping from a helicopter! Yes, there are adventure sports organisers all around!
  9. Visit a Shaolin Temple and beg the Sensei to teach you Kungfu for at least one day!
  10. Run to the screen when your favourite item number starts in the middle of the movie and start dancing crazy, till it goes on!
  11. Plan the perfect dream date for your partner and propose in the most dramatic way! (Landing from a parachute to propose maybe?)
  12. Land at your workplace dressed like your favourite film star, mouthing their famous one-liners, loudly!
  13. Make sweet love to your partner in the open, under the stars!
  14. Take a selfie form the top of Burj Khalifa, post it and caption it “I AM THE KING” or “THE QUEEN”!
  15. Get sloshed beyond imagination, for one night at least and wake up thinking that this is your afterlife!
  16. Ask your crush out! The one you think is totally out of your league! But who cares! You must do it! Simply because….

Life is only once!

So which one are you trying today?

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