20 Dirty Words Not Suitable For So-called Sanskaari Country Like India!

dirty words

Dirty words – No one really teaches you not to make use of certain words in social surroundings. It is the society around you that compels you to avoid certain words.

Looking at the type of society you live in, you naturally realise what the people would accept and what they would not, but if the practice of thinking before you speak isn’t your thing, that’s when the entire country’s ethic, norms, believes and everything else comes into the picture.

If you ever land in a country like India, here is a list of 20 dirty words you should avoid using, maybe even thinking.

dirty words

Dirty words in India –

  1. Bra

Don’t be surprised if someone says ‘shhhh’ to you as soon as you speak of it or mention it among a group of people.

  1. Sex

Indians strictly do not indulge in this immoral act (at least that’s how it looks like). The main motive of sex which is procreation is fulfilled by God who sends a baby from heaven.

  1. Love marriage

It is incorrect to marry that way. Sit back and relax, elders in the family would find you an ideal match(even if it’s not ideal).

  1. Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Naturally if love marriages are not acceptable then falling in love before marriage is certainly a felony.

  1. Panties

You probably should get it; anything that is concerned with womanly parts cannot be mentioned. By the way, a decent woman isn’t supposed let them come off as well.

  1. Feminism

It’s way more offensive than the F-word!

  1. Periods

It comes monthly, involves blood that flows through our entire body and all women go through it. Good enough reason for it to sound disgusting, isn’t it?

  1. Condoms

Cause it’s better to have the youth unaware of it and fall prey to something unexpected than to have well educated youngsters who know how to take precautions, right?

  1. Sanitary napkin

They are wrapped in a newspaper when you buy it from shop and handed over to you forthe world shall not get a glimpse of it. You can figure out the rest.

  1. Vagina

Be assured never to be able to hear this word used by your family till your last breath. The part houses a woman’s shame and the honour of her family.

  1. Clitoris

It’s Just another addition to the womanly parts strictly not to be mentioned.

  1. Orgasms

The culture of the country does not identify such a phase that occurs during the holy act of procreation (if procreation does happen).

  1. Homosexuality

Abnormal behaviour showcased by the youth which is influenced by the western culture in turn bringing shame upon their families.

  1. Sexuality

Good values prohibit you to make use of such bad terms.

  1. One night stand

An act that is deep rooted in the society’s ‘culture’ but the people refuse to provide any term for it.

  1. Bra strap

Cover up! It might actual lead to you getting raped girl! You need to stop calling for it upon yourself.

  1. Lingerie

They are called undergarments. Be subtle.

  1. Live-in relationship

You are either married to each other or any kind of relationship between you two is immoral.

  1. Masturbation

A selfish act that youshould not indulge in Wink!

  1. Virginity

What? You lost it already? Without getting married? Such a shame! Who would want to get married to such an impure women?

These are dirty words for India – Yes if you are sanskaari avoid using these terms in public; ones who use are named as “Opinionated bitches”. But wait men can use these it’s their birth right you see, all the rules are only for women sadly.

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