12 English Words That Mean Something Else In Other Languages – No. 5 Is Hilarious!

English Words That Mean Something Else In Other Languages

“English Words That Mean Something Else In Other Languages”

The English words that mean something else in other languages are known as false friends.

Yes, you read it right.

As an English speaker, you’ve to be a little more careful while using the English words when you’re in other country. Cause’ in other countries, the words might’ve a complete different meaning altogether. So in short, you need to be smart while communicating.

I’ve listed total 12 words to actually help you out understand the meanings behind your so-cool English words in different languages.

Are you excited? I’ll guess so.

  1. Gary

Let’s start with a name- So, suppose you’re in Japan and there you’re saying “I’ve Gary, you can go with somebody else”. Well, this will be a little confusing in Japan, cause’ in Japanese language, the word “Gary” = “Diarrhoea”. Yes!!

So if they just hear you say that “I’ve Gary”, they’ll think “Oh, you have a diarrhoea”. Can you just picture the whole thing {it is so damn hilarious, right?}

  1. Air

Some of us have the habit of saying “Good air” and stuff like that. But if you say the same thing in Indonesia, it’ll mean that you’re saying “Good Water”. Strange, right?

  1. Gift

We all love gifts, right? And I know, even the Germans must be loving it. Now suppose you’re in German and you’re talking with your friend and you say “I want to give you a gift”.  You know what, that person will give you an awkward eye. Cause’ in German, Gift= Poison.

  1. Handy

For most of us, Handy means the tool that we usually use, right? But in German, Handy means completely else. Suppose you say “Give me that handy”, it’ll mean you’re asking for a Cellphone.

  1. Pet

This one is hilarious- In French, if you say “Awwww! Your pet is so good”, it’ll mean that you’re actually saying, that “Your Fart is so good”. Ewwww! Can you really imagine that?

  1. Kiss

Can I kiss you on your cheek? Don’t you dare say this in Sweden, cause’ “Kiss” will mean that you’re saying “Can I Pee on your cheek”- It sucks.

  1. Eleven

In Hungarian, if any Side walker ask you about your age and {Just assume} that you’re eleven and you say it cool that “Hey, I’m eleven”. The person will not get it, because in Hungarian, the word eleven is actually “Alive”.

  1. Dung

In English, the word “Dung” is waste from animals. But in Vietnam, dung means “handsome” for male and “beauty” for females.

  1. Sale

A sale is going on here- That’s what we say, agree? But in French, people will think that you’re saying, something “dirty” is going on here. Cause’ there “Sale”= “Dirty”.

  1. Crap

In Romanian, if the people hang out and say “You’re such a crap”, then the Romanians out there will think that you said “You’re such a Fish”. Got it?

  1. Cookie

It will be a big mess if you use the word “Cookie” in Hungarian. Just say- “I want a Cookie”. Oops! They’ll think that you’re asking for a “Small penis”. LOL! That will be a disaster.

  1. Preservatives

We say this a lot in advertisements- “No preservatives are added in this drink”. But if you say this to a French person, he’ll definitely think that you’re mad, cause’ in French, it means “Condom”.

Do you know any English words that mean something else in other languages? Comment below.

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