Here’s How “Social Media” Became A Big Reason In This People’s Death!

Deaths Caused By Social Media

Deaths Caused By Social Media – Social media is a BIGGG part of our life, right? Some people out there cannot live a day without using media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more (You name it) I mean, seriously, there are people out there who cannot resist posting their pictures, liking, commenting, changing status…etc. On the other end, there are people who lives their LIFE without any social media drama. You know; Social media has taken our lives and has kept us engaged. Is that good? You decide.

There are times when people said “Social Media is unhealthy” and many even said “YES, it is.” But hey, does that made people stop using their apps? No, right? Some might’ve taken a break. You know; there are two sides i.e. good and bad. Using social media to check what’s going on in the world is a good thing. On the opposite, one wrong move can actually take a LiFe.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

When social media and strange people comes together; one is bound to hit the ugly road.

And that’s the reason, there’s a list of deaths caused by social media today.

IF you can’t believe these words, then here are the real-life stories that’ll make you believe it. (You’ll blame people for they used social media to do something deadly)

  1. MySpace Murder

Jealously is evil and a girl named Rachel Wade proved it. It all happened when she saw pictures of her ex-BF with a new girl that he was dating “Sarah Ludemann” on MySpace. She got so crazy that she actually texted Sarah saying “Please tell me Sarah why you would be a dumb-a** c*nt and put a brand new picture of you and Josh at the beach on your MySpace. Seriously, I told you to watch your f*cking back and not to f*cking chill with him. I’m guaranteeing you that I’m going to f*cking murder you, I’m letting you know that now.” Guess what? It turns out Rachel wasn’t kidding. She actually met Sarah and stabbed her to death.

Deaths Caused By Social Media

  1. FB Status

Some people can’t take a “no” seriously, right? In this case, a girl name “Sarah Richards” was so fed up with her BF that she decided to break up with him. Like many people do, AFTER breaking up, she changed her FB status to “single.” This wasn’t acceptable to her crazy BF, as he ended up killing her.

Deaths Caused By Social Media

  1. Facebook Fight

I’m sure you might’ve come across many girls or guys who FIGHT over a common person. In this case, there were two girls “Torrie & Danielle” who used to fight for a boy on Facebook. Guess what? It wasn’t just a FB thing. One day, Torrie saw Danielle driving with her friend. In anger, Torrie crashed her car to theirs and it ended up killing Danielle’s Friend.

Yes, that’s worst.

  1. Twitter Fight

What happens when two BFF fights over a girl? Death? In this case, that’s what happened. BFF Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy were fighting over a girl on Twitter. One day, in anger, Jameg killed his BFF with a shotgun in the neck, and later tweeted it out by saying “R. I. P Kwame.”

  1. No more addiction

It is not a secret that people, nowadays, are addicted to social media. Social Media “Addiction” has also ruined many relationships. Such was this case but ugly. A girl named Terri was so pissed by her BF’s addiction to using Facebook all the time that she ended up stabbing a knife through his heart.

Isn’t that insane?

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Deaths Caused By Social Media : Do you have any stories to add in this list? Leave a comment below.

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