These Are The Crazy Things Only Russians Will Do


Russians – Russia, the land of fairytales also gives us some funny stories, as funny as they get, sometimes tear-inducingly funny I tell you.

Russians are not as much crazy people you think, but your judgment will dwindle if you heard about a nuclear submarine near the beach or about a bizarre toilet that is made from toilet paper! We can’t even begin to imagine how the sight would be.

Don’t believe what we say, let’s have a laughter riot together now.

A knight in white horse and a lady swimming in winter. Wtf!

That knight is no ordinary one, he is on his black tracksuit for a horse ride, quite non-resembling to the ones in fairy tales? I told you. Well, then, take a look at the lady in the swimsuit who is swimming during winter. There is seriously something wrong about them.

 When you miss puppies:

Or if looked from another angle, you were so late for work that left the puppy at home and bought the iron instead unmindfully. Well, happens!

An angry Russian dog:

His sight is as scary as Saddam Hussain, look at the fuming rage in his face and how he is pointing is make-believe bow.

Snowman is replaced by a Tank:

Looks like Russia’s warfare strategies are on a swell? Who would promote Tanks instead of snowman in front of their houses then?

Aww, that officer wow-wow:

Hey there! My name is officer Bow-wow and I am here to help you looking downright adorable.

 Mousepad replaced by a carpet:

This small carpet is replacing the mousepad and that’s a pretty uncommon sight.

So what if ‘Soviet Union’ collapsed 20 years ago?

The ‘bus stop’ still holds true with the nostalgia and perpetuates every ideologies of the then time.

Lenin reigns supreme:

Here the head of Lenin is taller than two cars and it looks like Russians are still blindly besotted to them.

Go innovative with toilet paper:

Who knew one could make such a funky toilet with all that toilet paper rolls? Russians can do! Now it depends on you whether or not you want to take the plunge.

One proud Russian lady with a big catfish:

This catfish is worth flaunting and the Russian lady is leaving no opportune moment to show off her priceless possession. Catfish, but?

Is that a nuclear submarine parked on a beach? *rubs eyes and sees*

Look at how people are behaving nonchalant even if a nuclear submarine loiters along the beach? That’s Russia for you, my dear!

Really that was too much laughter for us.

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