These Are The Most Dangerous Rope-bridges in The World

Dangerous Rope-bridges in India

Dangerous Rope-bridges in India – ‘When times get rough and friends just can’t be found, I will lay me down like bridge over troubled water’- This song by Simon and Gurfunkel seems to shed light on the potency of bridges.

They are reliable, secure and safe to hold prevent you from falling in the abyss.

There is no death of bridges all over the world, some of which in fact showcase the engineering genius but then there are bridges that are not even remotely connected to cutting-edge technologies and just built by ropes. So, you would have of course guessed how dangerous rope-bridges in India could be.

In fact, we would opine people with severe vertigo to avoid these bridges.

Dangerous Rope-bridges in India –

1. Marienbrucke-Germany:

It won the benediction of the title, ‘world’s most dangerous bridge’. This is located in Germany which connects two cliffs together. The bride is to be found near the Bavarian Alps and it takes a strong hearted person so walk through this bridge without a racing heart.

2. Hussaini Hanging Bridge-Pakistan:

This bridge hangs high with poor suspension and is constructed with poor materials. The weak construction materials reel under the fear of getting washed away in the rain. This bridge is to be found in the remote areas of Northern Pakistan.

3. Aiguille Du Midi-France:

This bridge is located in 12,600 feet above sea level and is located in France. Two of the highest peaks of French Alps stand as supports to this. There is an available cable-car system to climb up this mountain. There is an observation desk atop which enables people to see different countries, that is to say France, Switzerland and Italy. On a clearer day, the Matterhorn too can be pretty well visible .

4. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge, Japan:

This bridge was constructed back in 1950, this is in the middle of a bleak place with water underneath. The mountain that it is located in is steep and the bridge is only about a few rope chains. Also, the maintenance is not as good and in all likelihood your leg just can get slipped between.

5. Trift Bridge, Switzerland:

This bridge is stationed in the Alps Garden in Switzerland which is 180 metres long and 110 metres high. This bridge was built during 2004 which connects the Trift hut of the Swiss Alpine club through a dangerous rope bridge. It went through some modifications in the year 2009.

6. Kakum National Park Canopy Walkway, Africa:

This forest is always swarmed by tourists called Cacum National Park that lies 76 feet below with two ropes in the either side. The wood that was used for its construction is work out and the bridge is so poor that two people can’t walk side by side.

7. Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, UK:

In Antrim town, Northern Ireland, the bridge is found with a length of 65 feet. This is located at the height of 100 feet and the suspension of the rope is so poor that a walk through it almost gives you a semi-heart attack.

These are Dangerous Rope-bridges in India !

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