You Won’t Believe What Bizarre Addictions These 5 People Have Fallen Trap Of !

Bizarre addictions

Bizarre addictions – Addictions are one of the most deadly psychological bounds that people fall trap of. These addictions go upto a level where they can mentally harm people and people around them.

The world is weird and so are its inhabitants, every person has a different brain and every brain has different and bizarre activities that are going in them. At times even science doesn’t have an answer of these weird complications of the human brain and hence, it leaves people in a state of shock as they think about the possibility of it inheriting human beings.

Here are 5 types of Bizarre addictions or psychological disorders that people around the globe are victims of. So, here we go:

Bizarre addictions –

  1. Smelling dead bodies- Yes, you heard that right. Some of the people are addicted to smelling dead-bodies. They would often spend time in cemeteries or cremation grounds just to sniff the air that has been around the corpses of people. They love spending time at places like these as according to what these addicts say, it gives them mental peace and contentment. Have you ever heard something weirder that this? I guess NO.

  1. Drinking Urine: Some people are really addicted to drinking their own piss. They say that drinking their own urine gives them an energetic boost just like any energy drink will ever do to them. They also feel that drinking their excreted urinal water helps them to fight with diseases. They even have different vessels to store it and have it. Isn’t that absolutely gross?

  1. Drinking Blood: No, I am not referring to vampires here. I am talking about absolutely normal human beings that are addicted to having blood. They might not necessarily have glasses full of blood but a drop or two is an essential part of their day. These people commonly take human blood or pig’s blood for that matter. Licking blood of their own body or someone else’s body is what they crave for. Isn’t that spooky enough to give you nightmares?

  1. Having Sex with Vehicles: Forget about humans, animals and sex-dolls, some people are crazily head-over-heels in love with having sex with their vehicles. Most of the people who are suffering from this addiction use their cars to satisfy their sexual desires. These people might be loner but at the end of the day this is one of the most bizarre addictions I have ever come across. Isn’t it?

  1. Drinking Nail Polish: Sound quite unhealthy right? Some people have a serious addiction of drinking nail polishes. These people cannot really let go off their habit in any case. The addiction is so intense that they prefer carrying bottles of nail polish with them rather than water or any other drinks. They say that nothing can quench their thirst as nicely and satisfyingly as a nail polish does. Like, really?

These are Bizarre addictions – Okay, so today we have seen another aspect of the crazy and hidden world that we were never that aware of. These Bizarre addictions are weird, bizarre as well as sad as more than just addictions these are psychological turmoil that they suffer through. It’s more serious than we actually think it is.

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