THIS Happens To Your Body When You Plan To Take A Break From Exercising!

Break From Exercising

Break From Exercising – Are you wondering about what exactly happens to your whole body when you take a short or long break from exercising? Well, then this article is for you. As it will help you get all the details related to what happens if you take a break now from exercising.

Firstly, let me tell you that we all think about taking a break after hard hitting days of exercising, right? So we think about skipping the daily exercise moves at home or going at gym etc etc. Look, in the end, it all depends on the days i.e. for how long are you going to take a break.

So, here’s the answer- Skipping workout is not always acceptable to your body. Honestly, you can skip it for about 5-7 days (1 week), and it won’t affect your body much. A week off after working hard daily for 5-6 hours can actually help you feel good. It all depends on how much you used to work-out daily too.

Like I mentioned, skipping exercise for 1 week is absolutely fine, but make sure to get back in action once you’re done resting. Especially beginners need to keep in mind that you must keep working on after your break is completed.

Other than that, when you stop exercising for a long time, your body starts to lose strength and then you start feeling weak. Also, your entire metabolism will slow down. According to fitness.mercola.com, runners who skipped exercise for more than 10 days, started experiencing blood flow to their brain hippocampus, which is a region associated with memories and emotions.

If you take a long break, then you’ll experience a lot of changes in your body. In this scenario, you will also start gaining more and more weight in between the time span of 6-8 weeks. In this case, at-least try to maintain a proper diet plan.

Thus, long workout break will result into decrease of strength and speed level entirely. Taking a long break will not only affect your body strength and brain or breathing, but it will also affect your sleep. In terms of reducing exercising or taking a long 8-9 months break, you will experience loss of sleep.

So, try to understand that take a break, but remember that when you come back on track to exercise daily, do it at-least thrice a week at a certain time. Later, when you want to skip it, do it only when you feel it’s necessary i.e. when you’re sick or you feel you’ve done a lot and seriously need a rest. Also, taking a short break when you’re injured or your body is exhausted, then it’s all totally Ok.

And keep one exercising rule in your mind i.e. the more intense your exercise is, the fewer times you must exercise in a week (3 times is ok)

Break From Exercising – Keep working on your fitness. 

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