#RGinAssam: Promotes Modi, Apes Kejriwal and Sells Nothing

Rahul said that tainted ministers and family members of politicians should not get party tickets to contest polls. But he forgot that the process has to start at home.

Is there anything that Rahul Gandhi will do right and that too on his own? Till now, he has been delivering contradictory political statements which put him in the box of hypocrites. All the attempt to dissociate himself from the Congress party in order to gain public trust has only hurt him till now.

This time Rahul Gandhi was in Assam. And Bhartiya Janata Party must be smirking after hearing him deliver his speech. Trying to hit BJP, Rahul got it just all wrong in Guwahati. “Wo kehte hain ki wo 60 mahino mein wo kaam karenge jo hum 60 saalon mein nahi kar paaye…” (They say that they will do in 60 months what we couldn’t do in 60 years.)

However, while mentioning what the BJP and Asom Gana Parishad alliance looted in three months of their rule in the state, which according to him cannot be matched by anyone else in 50 years, he forgot his own tarnished UPA government at centre which is losing practically everywhere where it is contesting because of it.

He then went on a self-promotion spree and, without naming Modi, said there were two types of leaders – those who give power to the people and those who take power away from the people. “I am the type who gives power to the people,” he said.

He was seen hard-selling the idea of peace in the state and said, “Gandhiji had tought us that revolution can be brought about through peace. Our party is a party of peace and not of hatred.”

He had a hint of Kejriwal in him when he said that it is the people of the country and not ministers who can bring about change. “We netas have nothing, all the work is done by you,” Rahul said.

Like in his other rallies (and interviews) Rahul outlined the importance of empowering the people of the country, especially women. “More power should be given to women and the youth of Assam,” he said.

Taking the opportunity of being in North-East, Rahul also criticised the Nido Taniam incident saying, “What happened to Nido wasn’t right. You should feel at home in Bangalore as you feel in Assam. There should be harsh laws against such things.”

Rahul said that people should elect their own representatives adding he had already started the process in this direction. “I want people to be a part of the process of selecting candidates and want the public to select their own candidates,” he said. Perhaps Rahul needs to be reminded that people do the same when they participate in the election process.

Rahul has initiated an experiment of choosing Congress candidates for Lok Sabha polls through the “primary” system wherein a political party or a political alliance nominates candidates for an election by short-listing them through an internal vote. Guwahati constituency is among the 16 constituencies selected as a part of this experiment for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Interestingly, he reiterated that tainted ministers and family members of politicians should not get party tickets to contest polls. “I am not in favour of giving tickets to family members of Congress leaders and want to change this trend,” he said during an interaction with representatives of nine Autonomous Councils at the Karbi Anglong Sports Association stadium in Diphu.

But he forgot that the process has to start at home. Well, the consolation was that he was trending on top on twitter.

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