7 Post Work Out Mistakes We All Make And Need To Stop Right Away!

post work out mistakes

Post work out mistakes – We, all workout and start feeling healthy and then all of a sudden start doing unhealthy things or follow unhealthy habits, that definitely counterpart all the hard work put in the work out.

Such practices and habits can ruin the good affects of work outs.

This may take a lot of time to just realize how much those mistakes impact your work out and its effects. Sometimes it even happens that there are more negative effects, just because of mistakes you do post work out session.

Here, check out the different common post work out mistakes and try avoiding them.

Post work out mistakes –

  1. Too many carbs

Work out hard and then sit and eat lots and lots of carbs. What kind of a healthy idea could that be? Absolutely, a bad one. Carbs is bad for health. Try avoiding in-take of carbs and instead take proteins from foods like eggs, tofu, and fish etc, which help in the muscle buildup.

  1. Excess of cardio

Cardio must be done initially for 20 minutes and never should be done after leg workout.

  1. Improper time gaps between every meal

It is always advisable to take food within 45 minutes from workout session. Always avoid having really long-time gaps between every meal and workout.

  1. Forget stretching

You would always tend to forget stretching after 20 minutes of cardio.  And this may lead to a lot of ill effects to the body.

  1. Rehydrating with wrong ones like sports drinks

This could never be a good option for any gym going person. This is because, these drinks contain lot of sugars that are too far off from letting you stay health. So, the next time you hit a gym, let go the habit of taking these energy or sport drink before or post workout.

  1. Overestimating the number of calories burnt in the work out session

This could be one common mistake that everyone commonly does. They count and count the number of calories burnt in the work out session and finally end up loading the body with carbs and unhealthy junk. Now what good exactly did the counting do!!

  1. Supplements over actual nutrients

Many people simple gulp away supplements for energy and various requirements of the body. They prefer these artificial ones over naturally available nutrients in the food. Avoid supplements; instead get them from fresh foods.

These are some common post work out mistakes that almost many of us do post work. Try avoiding them and totally get healthier naturally.

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