Modi And His New Bhakts

Given Shiv Sena and Togadia’s hatred towards Modi, their new found bhakti is raising suspicion.

The problem with Gujarat chief minister and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is that he is very popular among his critics. Controversy and Modi go hand in hand because media and critics do not leave a single issue to try and blacken his name.

Off late, Modi’s name is being maligned due to his bhakts who do not see anything other than Modi. Not to blame Modi’s dynamic personality, but they need to keep their tongue in check. But more surprising is the revelation that even those who are/were not even associated with BJP and have been anti-Modi or anti-BJP at some point of time are becoming his bhakts for the same reason.

After the episode of Giriraj Singh, MNS chief Raj Thackeray, VHP leader Praveen Togadia and Shiv Sena leader Ramdas Kadam have shown their Bhakti towards Modi in the same hardliner stance. While Thackeray is still standing on his claim that he is anti-BJP and just pro-Modi, Togadia went ahead and issued a farman according to which he allowed his followers to pelt stones on Muslim homes for he sees Modi as a person who will rid India of such ‘bad’ elements.

But the instance of Kadam was more awkward for Modi. In the presence of the BJP PM nominee, Kadam went on to threaten revenge against Muslims and Pakistan while Modi shared a stage with him at a Mumbai rally last night.

“These Muslims riot against the police and burnt their vehicles. They vandalised the statues of our martyrs. These Muslims molest our women policemen…I am sure that Narendra Modi will ensure that such acts do not go unpunished,” Kadam said, referencing the Azad Maidan riots.

He then went on to target Pakistan, saying, “Remember the days of 1993 blasts in Mumbai. Life of many Hindus was saved because of late Shiv Sena supremo Balasaheb Thackeray and Shiv Sena. Now, if Modi comes to power, he will destroy the Pakistan in six months,” said Kadam in his speech while addressing the rally referring that city is being repeatedly attacked by terrorists.

Embarrassed by the jibes of his bhakts, an angry Modi tweeted:



The party may have distanced itself from Giriraj Singh’s statement but they have failed to take action on him for the same. His remarks may have no bearing on the outcome in Bihar, given polling is already over, but it cannot be denied that the party’s prospects in other states may get affected by this.

Also, Togadia’s remarks, which are even more ill-timed and damaging, need a solid statement from the party and Modi himself so that the media does not keep on playing it on loop.

Given Shiv Sena and Togadia’s hatred towards Modi, their new found bhakti is raising suspicion. The need of the hour is that Modi keeps these new bhakts of his in line – the sooner, the better.

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