How to fight jet lag

If you’re planning to hop around the world, follow these tips to fight jet lag.

If you have been hopping around the world to enjoy the festivities, you would have changed time zones and braved the one thing every globe-trotter hates, jet lag. But, worry not! We tell you some ways to fight this. Take a look:


Rest well before flying:
We know that you’re super excited about your vacay and bubbling with energy, but it’s best to take proper rest before boarding your flight. If you plan to have a wild night-out with your buddies, you’re going to end up with more jet lag than you can handle. Sleep early, if need be and keep your last night in the country hassle free.

Setting your body clock:
When you’re on the flight and the pilot announces you to set the time on your watch, you should mentally fix your body clock too. If you’re in Europe, don’t think about the time back in your city…just go with the flow so that you don’t feel uneasy when you land at your destination. You might also want to nap a bit on transatlantic flights so that you’re well rested before your vacay begins.

Sleeping pattern:
One thing that you must remember is to follow the sleeping pattern of the local place and not your own one. If it’s six in the evening and you’re bone tired, drink lots of coffee and stay awake till about 9, before dozing off. This way, you will sleep better and your jet lag will be minimal too. You might wake up early morning the next day, utilize it to go for walks to get lot of fresh air!

Board a plane with stopovers:
If possible, board a plane that will stopover at some place for 4-6 hours. This way, you get to come off the plane, stretch a bit and adjust with your new destination time better. Always keep yourself hydrated, especially during long flights.

Follow your destination time:
Whether it’s in-flight eating or napping, follow the time zone of your destination and not home. If you’d be eating at your destination, ask for snacks that you can much on and if you’d be sleeping at your destination, take a nap (you can pop in an OTC sleeping pill too, if need be).

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