Kejriwal, Sisodia and Yadav: None Is Telling The Truth

All of his actions indicate towards his indifference and cry loud of another ‘œhumble’ card.

The deep fissures in Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party and the open spats among the members were growing with quick paces till today morning. Letters were being written to each other supporting and opposing the leader of the party and were being leaked conveniently for the sake of media and public.

But it seems the hot and humid Delhi with several power cuts gave Kejriwal some time away from television channels to brood and decide. Today, barely an hour after tweeting about the power cuts in the capital, Kejriwal informed everyone:




Now take a deep look at the tweets. Kejriwal is speaking about working on some “issues” raised by Yogendra Yadav by all of the workers. If we remember correctly, Yadav had only one issue – Kejriwal no longer behaves like a leader and has become the “Supremo” of the party with “no limits” to his power. What issues Kejriwal found where people other than him in the party will have to work upon is difficult to understand.

Now going back to the leaked letter of Manish Sisodia to Yadav, the former had accused the latter of trying to finish AAP and Kejriwal. He had clearly stated in his letter that Kejriwal was merely doing what Yadav suggested about 90 percent of the time. Referring to the spat between Yadav and another leader Naveen Jaihind, Sisodia had also accused Yadav of trying to impose disciplinary action on Jaihind through Kejriwal just as he forced him into Lok Sabha elections.

In case Kejriwal has been acting on the advice of Yadav, the allegations of him being a “supremo” washes down and suggests that Yadav is lying. However, there is no way to find that Sisodia himself is speaking the truth but some instances, where AAP members issued statements after leaving the party, may indicate that there is some truth in that allegation.

For instance, when Shazia Ilmi, Madhu Bhaduri and Tina Sharma left the party, they all blamed the “coterie” of Kejriwal for his bad decisions and cutting the communication lines between the leader and volunteers-members of the party. But this coterie included Sisodia. If members leaving AAP suggested only one thing and now Sisodia is pointing his finger towards another, it means that he himself is not telling the truth.

Now coming back to Kejriwal, since when did he care about the suggestions of the people? Words of caution and suggestion kept coming his way either directly or indirectly but he never paid any heed to them – be it Anna’s, Bhaduri’s or any other eminent person within or outside the party. He did not even listen to the janata whom he had told that his government was their government. He left on a petty issue which could have been resolved amicably. He did not even deem it right to tell them why did he leave.

Members kept leaving the party, daunting its image by attacking their own leaders and smearing black ink on the face of leaders and the party, but Kejriwal dealt with none of them. No apology, no discussion, not even a statement! Even when Ilmi left, Kejriwal had nothing to say and now he wants to bring her back.

All of his actions indicate towards his indifference and cry loud of another “humble” card. But only sincere action of his will gain attention because this “humble” card never succeeded to fool any – neither Anna nor us.

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