In Shambles: 10 Reasons Why Congress Won’t Revive

It is being said that the revival plan will have the final seal of Rahul. But given the recent failures of Rahul-plan, before assembly and general elections in the country, there is barely a hope for revival.

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are said to be trying to revive the Congress party. While the Congress president was seen moving into the party office and forming a group of senior leaders to take stock of party’s situation, the party vice-president has mostly been abroad.

It is being said that the revival plan will have the final seal of Rahul. But given the recent failures of Rahul-plan, before assembly and general elections in the country, there is barely a hope for revival.

Here are 10 reasons why the grand-old party, which was decimated to the age of its party vice-president in Lok Sabha, will not revive:

1. Sycophancy:

Number one in the list is sycophancy. The Sonia and Rahul bhakts, despite having the ability to judge and act, rely on the moronic acts of the mother-son duo. Mahatma Gandhi may have died long ago, but for them, the surname ‘Gandhi’ is enough to blindly follow.

2. Fake Secularism:

On Friday, AK Antony wisely said that “there appears to be slight erosion in people’s faith in secularism of the Congress” and that “some sections of society have an impression that the party is inclined to certain communities or organisations”. The party continues to appease Muslims and hence, its policies end up looking more divisive and communal. The party’s compulsion to have regional and other national parties as attaché diminishes ay chances of revival.

3. Wary Old guard:

The seniors in the party are wary of going between the people. Most of them opted for back door entry into the Parliament rather than contesting Lok Sabha elections. People viewed it as escaping from responsibility and reality. This wary old guard limits the chances of revival due to its elitist attitude.

4. Suppressed and confused young guard:

The young in the party are quite confused and unsure of themselves. It was evident when many escaped responsibility when general elections were due and recused themselves from their assigned jobs. Rahul himself has been very confused about his role and actions.

5. Digvijay Singh:

The motor mouth has always played havoc for the party. At the time when the party is thinking of revival, Singh is sending across cryptic messages saying that the party vice-president “lacks ruling temperament” and that “sometimes what happens is that people do the politics of convenience in their lust for power. This damages the Congress.”

6. Divisive policies:

As mentioned above, Congress’ proximity with minority is bruising its general image. Recently, Congress government led by Prithviraj Chavan in Maharashtra allowed 16 percent reservation to Maratha community and six percent quota to Muslims. While the quota on religious basis is unconstitutional, the Maratha quota was unwanted. Marathas are dominant in Maharashtra and of 17 chief ministers since it became a state in 1960, 10 have been Marathas, including first CM Yashwantrao Chavan and the current one, Prithviraj Chavan.

7. Eulogising the Nehru-Gandhi family:

More the party eulogises the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, more it attracts the popular disenchantment. They party very well knows that the public is now wary of the foreign-origin Sonia Gandhi and incorrigible Rahul, but it has done little to increase the internal democracy in the party. In fact, the party comes into defense of the daughter and son-in-law of the party chief as if it is their private company.

8. Series of scams:

The series of scams that the party led UPA government executed has eroded the public faith in him. It will be years before the people start showing faith and that will happen only when there is a change in the guard and outlook of Congress party. Their personal scam (National Herald case) is also too big to be hidden for long.

9. Short sightedness:

The habit of the party to make changes as and when need arrives and has short term goals in policy and party domain also damages the outlook of the party.

And finally,

10. Rahul Gandhi: 

He is the biggest hurdle in the revival of the party. His dumbness eclipses the smartness of the young brigade in the party. He is giving route to another level of sycophancy which should be disdained. He may be thinking of the power seat now but the over-protective senior cadre in the party is harming his growth.

If at all Congress evolves some sane process to revive itself, it will become difficult for it to hide the many skeletons in its cupboard.

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