Did Amrita Rai Leak Pictures To Force Digvijay Singh Into Marriage?

Sister-in-law Rubina confirms Amrita’s pregnancy.

On Wednesday, 67 year old Congress leader Digvijay Singh accepted his long affair with 43 year old journalist Amrita Rai on twitter. There tweet was in-sync after the pictures of the love-birds were ‘leaked’ online. They were also quick in announcing that they will tie the knot once Amrita’s divorce with her professor husband Anand Pradhan is formalized.





Amrita was a journalist with NDTV and was working with Rajyasabha TV afterwards. Anand and Amrita had been living separately for quite some years. Digvijay was in a consensual relationship with Amrita at a time when his wife was battling cancer.

The news was followed by a congratulatory tweet by Digvijay’s sister-in-law Rubina Singh. Rubina is wife of Digvijay’s broter Laxman Singh who is contesting against BJP leader Sushma Swaraj from Vidisha on Congress ticket. Rubina also confirmed the news of Amrita being pregnant on twitter.


Oddly enough, she deleted both her tweets and now the screengrabs of her tweets are doing rounds on the social media.

Incidentally, Amrita had tweeted earlier yesterday that her computer was tampered with and her e-mail was allegedly hacked thus giving an excuse for the leaked pictures. But Rubina, in a twitter conversation revealed that it was none other than Amrita who leaked the photos.



Interestingly, Digvijay Singh and the Congress party had raised a lot of hullabaloo over BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s child marriage and its status. Modi’s marriage, according to his family, was never consummated and he lived a life of loner all his life while his wife stayed separately with her brothers.

Now that Digvijay’s own affairs are out in public, he and the Congress clan is calling it a ‘private’ matter.

It should be noted that the character and affairs of Congress leaders have always been in news. Most of them have remained defiant over their single or happily married status denying any of their relationships.

This is the reason that the possibility of Amrita leaking pictures to force Digvijay into marriage cannot be denied. And what would be a better time than attention grabbing Lok Sabha elections?

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