Science Proven Hair Shaving Is Beneficial Support Hindu Religion

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Many questions are in mind if shaving hair shaving is beneficial for a person. Does shaving the head helps in the healthy growth of hair in a child? These are the common things that a person has in their mind. Apart from it the shaving the head in few religious activities are observed among the Hindus. It can be in any family customs or any other rituals of Hindu religion that shaving of the head and removing hair is essential.

Somewhere it is a belief of dedication and contribution while some parts of India believe to shed of their past bitter experiences along with deceased.

Science proved behind Hair having in Hindu religion

One of the reasons to shave the head of the child at least once in his or her childhood is to develop the even growth of the hair. At an early age, it becomes difficult for parents to cut or shed the hair of the child. The sensitive scalps at small age make it difficult for a kid and their parents to completely shave the grown long hair.

Complete shaving of hair will remove the old grown damaged hair follicles and help in growing new hair in children. In the Hindu religion, it is observed that different parts of the country have hair shaving customs. It is present at an early age as well as in teenagers.

Less grown and thin hair grows

The short hairs on the scalp or the head that are not able to grow further are thin and short at the same time. As the small hair is cut or shaved then it becomes easy for the hair to grow thick and stronger. But it is possible till a certain age but after the kids grow up as a teenager it becomes difficult to improve the fast growth of the hair.

Similar to the shaving off the beards and the mustaches of a boy the features of the hair follicles and growth are comparable.

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“Mundan”, Hair Shaving in Hindu religion

“Mundan” is the ritual when the hair shaven and only a few hairs are left which is known as Shikha, a tuft. The rest of the hair is removed during the “Mundan Ceremony”, by applying turmeric on the body. And holy bathing is followed by the hair shaving ceremony. The reason behind the ritual is to improve the hair texture that is related to the beauty of a boy. Another reason for the ceremony to increase the intelligence and thinking power as per the sacred rituals.


It helps in developing positive energy in the human body. They have the Shikara that grows long and the rest are shaved. The shedding of hair helps in the development of intelligence with the proper growth of energy. The new energy that grows giving up the old negative thoughts out of the mind, it keeps the mind fresh and active to regulate the energy. This is the reason that the priests and monks shave their hair on the day of Amavasya, the day when the body is at the top of energy level as per the Hindu religion.

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