Lata Mangeshkar’s Name Is Getting Misused By A Woman – Read The Full Story!

Lata Mangeshkar In Trouble

Lata Mangeshkar In Trouble – Yes, I know that it is really shocking that someone is using Lata Mangeshkar’s name to gain money.

According to the Mumbai Mirror report, Lata Mangeshkar’s name is getting misused by a Nallasopara resident named “Revati Khare.” It is reported that she has duped many people by collecting donations for charities. Revati Khare’s targets were individuals who are rich and also many NGO’s. It has been said, that she looted many people till now and she gained lakhs. Revati Khare FOOLED people into believing that Lata Mangeshkar is secretly running a charity business and that she doesn’t like seeking publicity for the “good work” that she’s doing.

Many innocent people believed her and thus, without thinking much they donated money to her. The Fraud came into the limelight when a donor called Lata Mangeshkar to talk about the money that he gave and how happy he is to see that she is helping others and doing a good work etc.

Lata Mangeshkar was shocked when she FOUND out that someone is actually using her name. That’s when she asked her personal assistant Mahesh Rathod to file a complaint against the women at the Gamdevi police station.

The deputy commissioner, Dyanesh Chavan said “Several people have donated money, some of them lakhs of rupees because Lata Mangeshkar’s name was associated with the cause.” A police Officer from Gamdevi police station said “Our teams are searching for her. We will be recording the statements of all the donors to make the case strong. We will also talk to Lataji about the case.”

Lata Mangeshkar In Trouble – Let’s see what happens next and let’s hope that the women gets caught and punished too.

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