Witness The Magic When You Decide to Follow Your Heart

To make your dream come true it is imperative that you follow you heart.

Every single person has a life no one knows about. Every single person has a desire no one has ever acknowledged and every single person is waiting for that part of the story when they are regarded as heroes. Because what you get at the end of that story is happiness and contentment.  

There is not one person on this earth, who has not battled with himself. People are even battling with things we might never know of. Following your heart is never easy. Because your heart and your instincts are always at war, there’s a blurred line between the two, which probably turns you off the sync.

But to make your dream come true is it not imperative that you follow you heart? Let’s take a few examples where you battle with what your heart has to say and what does your instinct say.

There would have been a number of times when you would have wished to pursue what you’ve always wanted to be. However, under the influence of your well wishers you chose not to follow your heart and ended up being only half satisfied with life. Paying attention to anyone else’s opinion (unless positive) and taking a decision, rather than taking your own time to follow your heart, could not only end up in leaving you unsatisfied, but also repent your decision. So think wise and act wiser.  

Many of us (including me) cannot take criticism easily. To take criticism easily and turn it into a lesson for yourself is what a successful person would do. So even if people have anything bad to say about you, it is you who knows how to turn it into a praise. Someone has said it right, “If you can’t take criticism easily, you will never be worthy of praise.”

Following your heart, is similar to expecting a positive emotional response from yourself. Try to rationalize  the two. Because there are times when your decision(which the heart makes) is far more dominant and right in retrospect to your gut instincts. And once you do that, you and only you will see the magic happen.

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