FUGLY, The Movie Review: Who The Hell Is Going To Watch It?

Talking about latest release Fugly. The film has nothing new to offer, bad acting, bad writing, and bad music. It is poor version of Rang De Basanti!

Yeh Fugly, Fugly kya hai, yeh Fugly, Fugly?

Exactly! That is what we are also thinking after spending more than 2hrs on this below-par cinema.

What the hell is this movie and why the hell was it made?

Okay, we have the answer to why it was made: Simply to share a story, which on paper shows promise. But then to have good intent is not enough, executing it to the level where you can confidently ask people to shelve out money for it, is the real game!

Director Kabir Sadanand must have convinced his producer Akshay Kumar while enjoying Dilli’s chhole-bhature that he is making a thought-provoking cinema. It is surely thought-provoking for it lets us bang our heads to wonder why such a youthful subject is treated in such a brainless manner.

Many movies have been made on the premise of youth taking control of their lives to bring change in the society or nation. Best example is Rang De Basanti! However, Fugly is a bad version of Rang De Basanti and still, fails on all counts. Neither is the youth shown in movie act like one nor are they able to convince us about the change they tried to bring! All we can offer them is a big yawn!!!


Anyways, the story is about four friends, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijender Singh and Arfi Lamba. They are shown to be enjoying their life and talking about their dreams, well just talking, may be because they had to! Story changes when Kiara is sexually-abused by a neighbourhood shopkeeper. Her friends go with her to take revenge and end up being pawns to a corrupt-to-the-core cop, Jimmy Shergill! Then what happens is the movie is all about. Well, nothing much happens as the proceedings are so slow and dragging that you are forced to keep a snooze alarm to stay awake!

The makers have tried to raise several issues like women security, corruption in the system, high society party abuse etc but they fail to understand that to connect with the audience, there has to be an emotional bonding with your characters. None of the characters are endearing. In fact, except poor Jimmy Shergill, every actor is a big disappointment for the art form called acting! Mohit shows some promise while Kiara is a good looking girl, that’s it! Vijender Singh should work hard on his boxing skills to get more medals for the country or if this acting bug is biting him way too hard, get some acting classes! Arfi Lamba, well less said the better.

Except the title song, music is loud, boring and misplaced. In other words, while watching the movie, you don’t laugh at their jokes, you don’t cry at their pain, you don’t get angry at the injustice shown and you don’t feel proud of their courageous act! So what are movies for if we don’t feel any of such basic emotions?

To sum it up, this flick is really f-ugly!

Save your bucks guys!


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