Wanna Impress Your Brazilian Girlfriend? Here’s How Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Helps You Do That!

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly the most spectacular Android smartphone in the market. But did you know that it can also help you to pursue your fairy tale love story in more ways than one?

Love knows no boundaries! Neither does it know language, country, or religion!

But how do you converse with your Brazilian girlfriend when you can’t even understand the language? Relax! You may not know the language, but your Samsung Galaxy S4 definitely does! It goes a long way to bridge the language barrier and kindle the multicultural romance between you and your newly found love.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the below-mentioned ways how a Galaxy S4 can help you to share and express your love to your soul mate.

1).   With the S Translator, you can learn the foreign language and can also easily converse with your girlfriend. Try to get hold of some sweet phrases in her native language; probably a couple of compliments will do the magic. And yes, also find out in the S Translator on how to propose in her language, provided you are ready for the big challenge!

2).   Watch a movie together that’s exclusive to her culture on the bright 5-inch Full HD screen of Samsung Galaxy S4. Alternatively, you can also make her watch a typical Bolly movie which she will surely enjoy. What’s more, if either of you looked away from the screen for a moment, the Smart Pause feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 will pause whatever you were watching and will resume the moment you look back at the screen.    

3).   Gifts are the best way to bring a smile on a woman’s face. With just a few simple taps on the S Hub you can shop for all her favourite music, cosmetics, books, and much more, in just a jiffy.

4).   Even when you both are in different parts of the world, stay connected with her via ChatOn, WatchOn, and a lot of other apps of Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also search for some apps on the Playstore which are specifically designed for people pursuing a long-distance relationship.

5).   With the stunning 2 MP front-facing camera, you can click great selfies of both of you together. Also make full use of the 13-MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 which comes with a myriad of outstanding specs and modes, particularly the Sound & Shot mode which allows you to add up to 9 seconds of audio to your images. Select the most memorable clicks and create a Story Album by customizing photos in whichever way you want.

6).   With the S Planner, organize a trip and amaze her with a surprise visit to her country. From selecting the right dates for the trip to booking tickets, your S4 helps you to plan a fabulous vacation with the lady of your life.

7).   When separated by geographical distance, don’t forget to remind her that she is always on your mind. The best way is to make a Full HD video on the Galaxy S4 and send it to her to show how much you care for her.  

The mantra is to do simple stuff that will make her feel special.

And of course, if you have Galaxy S4 as your companion, you are bound to transform your dream into a true love story!

So here’s wishing you all the very best!  

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