6 Reasons Why You Have The Best Boyfriend

best boyfriend

Best boyfriend – Break-ups are quite common in today’s modern world.

If you are in a relationship where you are not happy and have monumental issues with your partner, you must get out of it as soon as possible.

However, if you think the reasons are not big enough, you must ponder over it for a while and not take a hasty decision. Even though we are in the 21st century, a lot of men are not able to deal with the fact that women are competing with them in very sphere. They still think of them as being superior to women and that is the reason a lot of women break-up with their controlling and chauvinistic boyfriends.

But, not all men are the same.

Here are 6 reasons why you have the best boyfriend.

Best boyfriend

  1. Does not dictate what you should wear

A very common trait among me is that they like to control what their girlfriend wears. ‘That is too short’, ‘that is too revealing’, these are the kind of statements most men utter to their girlfriends. If a man can wear what he wants to, why should women have to seek permission on what she should wear? If you have a boyfriend who appreciates your fashion sense and does not dictate dress codes, you are indeedlucky.

  1. Asks for your opinion

Men, who suffer from a superiority complex, do not find it necessary to consult someone while taking a decision. If your boyfriend asks for your opinion every time he has to choose between something or has to make a decision, then he is not likeone of those men. He respects the opinion of those around him and that is a very admirable quality to have.

  1. He is openly committed

A lot of men try to hide the fact that they are dating someone so that they come across as desirable and find it easier to flirt with women. If your man is transparent about your relationship, proclaims himself to be committed on social media, then he surely has no qualms about acknowledging the relationship both of you share.

best boyfriend

  1. Does not ask you to change your physical appearance

Getting attracted to someone because of their physical appearance is quite natural but that should not be the reason why you fall in love with someone. Some people ask their partner to gain or lose weight. They think it will make them more desirable to them. Such people need a lessor two or two about love. Physical beauty will go away with time and age. Your boyfriends should love you for the person you are.

best boyfriend

  1. Does not feel insecure about your male friends

No matter how progressive they claim to be, men are not generally comfortable to see their girlfriends being close to other men or having a lot of male friends in their lives. They might not tell their friends directly but they will keeptabs on them and try to figure out where they are. There is o end to this jealousy. One needs to have a mature mind to understand friendship between members of the opposite sex is absolutely normal.

  1. Encourages to grow in your career

The days of women being housewives are gone but still, there are several men who are not okay with their partnerworking or giving priority to work. Because of women’s traditional role in societyover several decades, men think they must give must importance to theirrelationship and other personal roles before prioritisingyour career. An ideal boyfriend should encourage his girlfriend to grow in her career.

best boyfriend

This is the best boyfriend – No human being is perfect, as they say. But if your boyfriend makes you happy and feels good about the fact that you are in a relationship with you, then he is the perfect guy for you.

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