These 10 Simple Maintenance Tips Will Keep Your Mobile As Good As New!

Mobile phones face exposure to dust & sediment. Expensive touchphones and high-end configurations, it is essential proper care and maintenance of mobile phones

Like all other gadgets, mobile phones also require maintenance for ensuring their longevity and smooth performance. Proper care and clean up not only augments functionality of the device, but also assists in making the phone run as optimally as possible.

However, one often wonders how to maintain a mobile in the best possible way. While use of mobile protectors provides protection to the handset, a few changes in settings may improve the sluggish performance, particularly, in case of the recent smartphones.

Below is a list of 10 useful tips for mobile maintenance:

1. Protect the Screen
Wiping the screen & camera lens with a micro fiber cloth, and using a screen guard, helps in keeping the display free from dirt & scratches.

2. Use of Mobile Covers & Carry Cases
A good mobile cover or carry pouch is a sensible option for protecting the phone from drops and scratches. In addition, it is advisable to clean the mobile case occasionally.

3. Boost Battery Life
Tweak a few settings and it will do wonders for boosting the battery life of the phone. These include turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, turning the brightness down, and turning off vibration mode for notifications.

4. Battery Maintenance
It is also essential to clean the battery and battery posts on the handsets, as sediments tend to build up on these parts. Further, allow the battery to complete its discharging cycle. Refrain from charging it daily, unless there is an emergency.

5. Keep the Phone at the Right Temperature
Always keep the handset in a dry place to avoid liquid and humid conditions. Extreme temperature changes may damage the device. Apart from the outer build, the internals also demand maintenance. The following mobile maintenance tips may aid in delivering a lag-free performance of the phone.

6. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps and Programs
Everyone loves apps but a cluster of them may pose troubles for the phone, particularly the unused apps, which may constantly run in the background, thus wasting precious battery power. Uninstalling such apps will open up more space and save battery resources.

7. Clear the Cache
Regularly clearing the cache helps in getting rid of temporary files. This aids in speeding up the loading of internet connection and saves some bandwidth too.

8. Clean the Memory Card
A big offender is the junk stored in the memory card which slows down the processes of scanning and opening of music player & images. Delete all unwanted items from the download & temp folders of the Memory Card.

9. Update Apps, Games, and OS
Regularly updating apps, games, and OS will render a positive effect on the phone’s speed and performance.

10. Use Trusted Anti-Virus
Trusted anti-virus software ensures adequate security of the handset.

Here’s hoping that the above-mentioned tips for mobile maintenance will help in keeping the phone in shape and enhance its efficiency. If you are aware of any more simple tips for maintaining mobiles, please share the same in the comments box below!

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