This Diwali Pamper Your Loved Ones By Gifting These Super-Useful & Incredible Gadgets!

Best Diwali gifts for loved ones – The gadget culture has taken over and today everyone in the family needs a useful device which provides entertainment as well as makes life simpler.

As the festival of lights knocks on the door, most of us are likely to indulge in a shopping spree for finding the perfect gadgets for our near & dear ones.

There is no denying that smartphones and laptops are by far the best gadgets for gifting purposes, but thanks to technology, there is a myriad of other products in the market that are useful and handy.

Nevertheless, finding suitable gifts for family members may seem daunting and challenging.

We did a round-up of all the gizmos available and listed below the ideal gadget gifts for each member of the family:  

  1. For Kids

While selecting gifts for children, one should ensure to invest in those gadgets that promote cognitive learning as well as help in developing the essential skills. Hand-held gaming consoles having educational games can assist in fostering their vocabulary and analytical ability. One can also opt for HCL ME Kids Educational Laptop which comes loaded with in-built educational activities and piano keys.

  1. For Teenagers

Fun-filled gizmos are the coolest Diwali gifts for teenagers. From Philips AS111 Android Docking station to Nokia Play 360 wireless speakers, there are a slew of devices that will make the young brigade jump in joy. One can also buy some quirky and off-beat gadgets such as a Shower Radio V3 which boasts of a splash resistant body, or a LG PD233 Pocket Photo which serves as a portable printer, a wristband with USB drive, Scratch-n-scroll mousepad with an erasable writing surface, Nokia DC-16 charger portable power bank, and many more.

  1. For Spouse

The biggest advantage of gifting a feature-rich gadget to your spouse is that it is super-useful and every time he or she uses it, the device reminds them of you. Some of the best gadgets to gift include FitBit activity tracker to track calories burnt, iPod dock for charging and providing a permanent stable, Wi-Fi compatible Samsung Galaxy camera, iPod Nano Touch, Belkin Conserve Valet for charging two cell phones, and much more.

  1. For Parents

Let’s accept it that our parents slog throughout their lives to fulfill every whim and fancy of ours. Diwali is the best time to gift them with gadgets that assist them in their daily routine. Be it a portable GPS for car, iPad Mini, a Dell AIO PC with touch screen, or an Apple iPod, there are numerous ways to bring a smile on your parent’s face!

  1. For Grandparents

For most of our grandparents, technology is a difficult terrain to navigate. However, there is a hoard of user-friendly gadgets particularly manufactured to make the lives of elderly people simpler and easier. From Amazon Kindle eBook reader for reading on the go, to iBall Aasaan Senior Mobile phone with emergency SOS button, there are a flotilla of gizmos that can keep their minds and bodies occupied.

Needless to say, this is not an exhaustive list, and there is an array of cool gadgets available in the market. While making the final decision, one should always keep in mind that it is primarily the thought behind the gift that stirs the emotions of your loved ones!

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