Diary Of An Apple Loyalist: An Absolute Stunner Samsung Galaxy S5 Beats The iPhone 5S

After using the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5S user realized that life can be really easy by using a large phone screen with tons of apps.

This one comes from a die-hard Apple Fan!

Let’s check out what his diary says!

High Five to the Samsung Galaxy S5!

That’s exactly what I said when I first used this stunner from Samsung! I have always been an Apple loyalist and have simply admired its rock-solid speed and performance. In fact, am an ardent fan of the Apple iPhone 5S and have been more than satisfied with the overall functioning of the device. But when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched in India, I was taken aback by the hype and buzz it created everywhere. Since I already had plans to buy a new gadget, I walked into a nearby mobile store to check out the Samsung’s newbie and I was blown away by the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S5. I instantly grabbed one set and have been truly immersed into the whole Galaxy S5 experience.

 Dude, I truly feel that on a lot of grounds it manages to beat the iPhone 5S. Ok that sounds like a confession! So be it!

Super-Large Display of Galaxy S5 – Treat to Eyes

The first thing that catches the eye is the massive 5.1-inch display of Galaxy S5 Vs the 4-inch screen of iPhone 5S. When I placed both the phones side by side, the iPhone appeared way too tiny and feeble. The larger screen of Galaxy implies bigger images, easy reading of e-books, realistic gaming experience, and great video graphics. Super Cool!

The Camera for Galaxy S5 is built for Photo Fanatics like Me

As compared to the 8 MP camera of iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 offers a whopping 16 MP camera. High resolution means more detailed and sharp images during daylight. To add to it, I was really impressed by its truck-load of camera modes like HDR, Selective Focus, Shot & More, Auto Mode, Panorama, and Beauty Face. Another crucial thing which I noticed was that while the HDR is switched on, the Galaxy S5 delivered more lifelike colors, something which lacked on my previous iPhone 5S, which also had a HDR mode, but the overall impact wasn’t that great.

I Can Download As Many Apps As I Want – Solid 2GB RAM S5 Has!

And you know what? The Galaxy comes with 2GB of RAM as compared to 1 GB of RAM in iPhone 5S, which means no hitch in downloading the apps man! Although both of them show little or no sign of lag while opening apps, but I am presuming that more memory will definitely benefit me in the longer run. I also felt that the S5 renders a better battery life and I can go with a full day without having to run around for charging my handset. It is too tedious to walk with a charger all the time.

Software Wise, S5 Wins My Heart Too

I found the typing experience on the S5 way better than the iPhone. Thanks to the big screen, I feel as if am using a full-size keyboard, and it is helping me in making fewer errors. To top it all is the Swype built-in feature, a boon for messaging addicts, which lets me swish my fingers across the keyboard rather than selecting individual alphabets. The water-resistance feature, pre-installed S Health app, battery-saving mode, and compatibility with smartwatch range, are some of the things which one will never find on the current Apple phones. The S5 also has a Finger-print scanner similar to the TouchID sensor of iPhone.

You Can’t Beat This One, A Difference of 7K in the Cost!!

In terms of cost, the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 is around INR 38,000 which is pretty less than the price of iPhone 5S which stands at INR 45,000.

Although am sure that like all other gadgets, the Galaxy S5 may also have its own downsides, however, as far as screen size, camera, battery life, and software is concerned, the S5 wins over the iPhone 5S.

All in all, the S5 may not be perfect, but it does fare well than the iPhone in more ways than one!

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