How To Handle A Guy Who Is Flirting With You

guy who is flirting

The guy who is flirting – They say flirting is good for health, but don’t you think it becomes too irritating at times for the one who’s tolerating the flirting.

I mean, when a guy flirts with us for a while, we are able to ignore it. But when it becomes repetitive and that guy just doesn’t stop, we really feel like finding few ways to stop them.

So, how to handle a guy who is flirting with you?

Well, here are few tips that you can certainly follow to handle a guy who is flirting:

Ways to handle a guy who is flirting –

  1. Give him ‘The Look’

Yes, you must know that there is an expression that tells the guy you will kill him if he doesn’t stop flirting and that’s what we call ‘The Look’. Just make the most dangerous face you can with eyebrows raised and you will have that guy vanish in a second.

  1. Tell him straightaway

All you need is to keep your ‘shy’ side away from you and tell him that whatever he is trying on his end has no scope on yours. Tell him you are really not interested and he can apply all those tactics somewhere else.

  1. Give it back to him

No, don’t start flirting equally with him but embarrass him by giving nasty remarks. Yes, you have to be very bold and strong to do that and that should not be a big deal for you. So, just insult his tactics and tell him to back off.

  1. Use that ‘I have a boyfriend’ weapon

Yeah I know its lame but it is the smoothest way of avoiding a flirt. Just tell him that you have a boyfriend and you are not at all keen on knowing how interested he is in you.

  1. Slap

Oh yes, you can because things need to be in limits. Sometimes, even after trying hard, people just don’t back off at all. If he crosses his line of flirting, you can give him a tight slap because he doesn’t have the right to go too far.

These are the ways you can handle a guy who is lirting with you.  Try one of these or all of these tactics on him and I bet he will never flirt with you again. Trust me, these tactics have been experimented by many girls.

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