Smartphones Of 2015: New Brands & Peculiar Features That Are Bound To Excite Us!

Amazing smartphones of 2015 – we bid farewell to 2014 with amazing smartphone technology. Lets have an insight on what does the phone market have up its sleeve in the year 2015.

When it comes to smartphones, we are, and have always been big fans of Samsung, iPhone, and Sony.  

For the year 2015, we eagerly await the launch of flagship devices of these brands.

Be it the Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6s, or Sony Xperia Z4, we can’t wait to have a look at our favorite devices. However, lets not forget that there other brands too, that have a lot in store for us.

Listed below is a round-up of all the new brands, features, and technologies, that will completely awe & enthuse us in 2015:

Kodak’s Photo-Centric Phone

Yes, it’s the same Kodak, which has over the years carved a niche for itself in the imaging & photography domain. Now, the giant plans to enter the burgeoning smartphone market by launching an Android smartphone. The company aims to take forward its heritage and create handsets that come pre-installed with amazing features for photo making, editing, sharing, storing, and instant printing. Further, it also intends to offer remote management software that will enable family & friends to provide help & support to the user.



Blackberry’s Self-Destructing Smartphone

Blackberry is all set to craft a self-destructing phone for individuals working as government or security agents. In collaboration with Boeing, the company aims to manufacture a handset which has the capability of self-destructing itself the moment it lands into the wrong hands. Of course, the phone wouldn’t explode, but it would definitely make itself inoperable & permanently remove the sensitive data & information contained by it. Additionally, it will also bring on board biometric sensors and enable users to make use of secure communication lines via connection to satellites. The organizations also have plans to launch the customer version of this ultra-secure phone for use by the general public.



Snapdragon 810 Chipset Enabled Smartphone by HTC

After the splendid response of HTC One M8, the phone manufacturer plans to bring HTC One M9 which boasts of a powerful Snapdragon 810 chip. This chip is not simply an improvised version, but it possesses the capacity to render an entirely new experience to its users. Ranging from wireless streaming of 4K video, recording directional audio, to substituting the gaming console, this chipset powers the HTC One M9 with a variety of awesome features.


With a myriad of phone makers scratching their heads to render the best possible design & concepts, the year 2015 will definitely be quite competitive. Smartphone users will also avail a bounty of wonderful externals & internals that will radically change their lifestyle and the way they connect with the rest of the world.  

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