10 Surprisingly Smart Ways To Use Old And Outdated Computers And Laptops!

There is a lot one can do with old laptops and computers instead of selling them for peanuts or simply disposing them off. We bring 10 such innovative ideas for reusing these devices.

What do we do with our old computers and laptops?

Chuck them, or sell them for peanuts, right?

Surprisingly, there is a horde of other things that one can do with these outdated or withered gadgets.

We get 10 such great ideas which would help our readers to reuse old computers and laptops:

1)  Convert Your Laptop to a Tablet:

With some hardware and software changes, one can easily convert a laptop into a tablet. A self-made tablet will certainly be a gadget to show-off!

2)  Use it as a Server:

With each family member having his or her own personal computer or laptop, creating a common server is helpful. All the family members can store data on this server and can share it with each other with ease.

3)  Use the Monitor of the Computer as an External Monitor:

If the monitor is in good condition, then one may attach it to a new machine and use it as a double screen gadget.

4)  Convert the Laptop to a Desktop:

One can convert a broken laptop into a desktop with a little imagination and some technical skills.

5)  Make it a Wi-Fi Hotspot:

If a part of the office or home is not Wi-Fi enabled, then using an old laptop or computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot is a great idea.

6)  Convert it to a Digital Photo Frame:

Add grandeur to your home by mounting the laptop on the wall and use it as a digital photo frame at hardly any added cost.

7)  Give it a New Life with Linux:

By changing the OS to Linux, one can increase the speed of the old widget considerably. If the slow speed of the old device is the only issue, then switching to Linux is beneficial.

8)  Use it as a Home Surveillance Device:

One can use the monitor of the gadget as a surveillance screen by attaching it to an external webcam.

9)  Give it to the Kids for Learning:

Instead of giving newdevices to your young children it is better to let them learn their basics and to experiment on a used device. Once trained, a new gadget is a good option for them.

10)  Use it as a Digital Jukebox, MP3 Player, or DVD Player:

All music lovers and movie buffs can install digital music software, store movies, and do much more on these old unwanted widgets.

There is a lot more that one can do with old computers and laptops. Hence, before chucking these expensive devices, one should think of alternatives.

Get creative, wear your thinking caps, and use these gadgets wisely instead of disposing them off!

We would love to hear from you, do share your ideas with us!

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