Six Weird Facts Of New Year That Didn’t Click Your Mind

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New Years Eve and the beginning of the Year have always been bonded with hopes, expectations, and positivity. To bring more to life, prosperity, and happiness, it is all whatever stays in mind. Celebration is a primary need to welcome a New Year. But apart from the thoughts of celebrations to connect to some good vibes, a few weird facts may strike your mind.

Weird facts related to New Year

Let’s find out the weird facts that are still practiced to enjoy the day and the eve of the New Year. Worldwide they have their distinctive way to celebrate their day.

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Throw old things out, Italy

Italy is one of the cities that love to spend among celebrations and festivities. But it is weird to understand “Why do the Italians throw furniture out of their windows”? Yes, it is their way of celebrating. They throw away the old furniture, it is a way to express their happiness and expectation together. It is the happiness with the hope to bring good things ahead and expect to let the bad vibes move away.

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Talk to animals in New Year Eve, Romania

When do you spend talking to animals? Anytime any pet or animal lover will be seen to talk to their animals. But in Romania, on the eve of New Year, it is their tradition to speak to the farm animals. Farmers of the country spend time talking to their pets and livestock as they believe this will bring good luck and prosperity in upcoming years.

Lead Pour, Germany

How will your upcoming days be? Always remains inside the curious minds in Germany. So, lead pouring in cold water is the common tradition to predict about their upcoming year. Hot lead taken in a spoon is poured into the cold water. The shape describes all about their luck.

Burn Scarecrows, Ecuador

Farms with scarecrows are saviors. But burning them is something that is not common. Ecuador burn scarecrows that may be the resemblance or doll of any notable figure or star. According to them, it is a way to drive away bad lucks and bring in new good times.

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Round and round is in New Year Eve, Phillipines

The Philippines expects to earn coins and wealth if they are encouraged to surround round things. It can be around food plates, round shape food, clothes with round-shaped patterns. This will help them, in the upcoming years to be bestowed with money flow.

Toss anything, Johannesburg

What about the tossing of furniture in the New Year, Johannesburg? The locals of the country toss anything and everything that they want. It is a tradition so they can toss their container’s lid to any furniture. There is a belief that this will help in predicting their upcoming year’s fortune.

New year’s Eve celebration comes with core believes from their heart. Hopes and predictions grow with the rituals. These are weird ways to celebrate but at a point, it encourages them to think for better days and throw away the evils from their homes and families.

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