Signs That Prove Your Colleague Has A Crush On You

Your Colleague Has A Crush On You

We all come across a situation once in our life time where your colleague at the work place has a liking for you.

Well, it’s totally natural and infatuation is bound to happen when you spend a lot of time around a person. But things become weird when you are not aware of the fact of him having a crush on you and you keep ignoring things and go with the flow.

In such cases, it’s always better to stay prepared and know in advance that something is happening. And if can’t know it yourself, here are signs that prove your colleague has a crush on you.

1. He is extremely sweet around you

No matter what the situation is and how many problems there are, when it comes to you, he is extra sweet. In fact, he doesn’t even show any professionalism and all when he is around you because he has a personal connection.

2. He helps you in the work

Whether you ask him for help or not, he is always ready to help you out in your work. Any time you face a problem, he leaves his own work and help you because he wants to see that smile on your face always.

3. He waits to take breaks with you

If your office gives breaks in different shifts, then he always takes the break when you do. This is to make sure that he gets to spend a little off time talking to you and trying to know you more.

4. He texts you after office

If he is even sending a random text after reaching home, he surely has a crush on you. Well, he wants to talk to you and not anyone else in the world even after an exhausting day at work. That has to be something, right?

5. He fights for you

If ever comes a time in office where people say anything wrong about you or bitch about you, he is the one who takes a stand. Well, he fights for you because you mean something to him. Time for you to notice it all.

These signs show that your colleague has a crush on you – Whatever the situation maybe, if you figure out he has a crush on you, do not tell him and make things weird. Just wait till he is clear too and then sort out the way you want.

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