An Often-Ignored Fact That Should Be Considered A Top-Notch Priority While Going For Higher Studies

Top priorities should be given to Accreditation of the institute. The recent fiasco of IIPM leaves all of those fake institutes which provide certificate courses charging as much amount of tuition fees as degree courses…

In a world like ours, the stage is always set.

The participants are made to practice their roles as the mentors practice theirs. Yet while the participants succeed in doing their part, the mentors fail at the hands of fortune.

Only a few days back, the Delhi High Court forbid the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) to call itself a management school or B-school, as it does not provide MBA or BBA degrees, and is not recognized by any of the councils (UGC or AICTE) that provide higher education.

Also, a case of fraudulence has been registered against the Director, also known as a self proclaimed management guru, Arindam Chaudhuri.

Words like enumeration will mean whatever the institutes want them to mean. The only way to lure students into institutions that do not even provide a real degree is through global exposure. And the accomplishment takes place via fake associations with some of the best universities around the world and celebs that do it for their “extra income”.

IIPM claimed to be associated with renowned universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and a university in Belgium. A little digging through revealed that official notices from Stanford and Berkeley universities have nullified all claims of association. However, the collaboration with a university in Belgium was real, the only con being the blacklisting of the associated university.

In an age where our top universities fail to make it to the list of top 200 in the world, institutes that claim to be one of the best rated internationally, are the best examples of either exaggeration or fraudulent. As per a recent news about renowned universities in the world, the government announced that accreditation agencies in India would now be completely free of its interferences and run autonomously by experts in a move to improve the quality of higher education.

Accreditation is another term for guarantee of quality and standards, and recognition of a particular course all over the world. India is home to approximately 723 universities and 37,204 colleges, out of which, there are a number of institutions that do not possess accreditation from any of the councils. So before you decide to choose a program or course, check whether the university/institution is accredited with a recognized board. Aicte-india.org provides a list of institutions that conduct technical programs without approval.  

The recent fiasco of IIPM leaves all of those fake institutes which provide certificate courses charging as much amount of tuition fees as degree courses, in deep trouble. Yet, there will be a time when they will rise again, inventing new policies and offers, to dilute the monopoly of the top rated institutes in the country.

Only this time, students will have learnt their lesson and take major interest in knowing what the institution offers and how recognized is the course all over the country and world.

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