8 Kinds of Men, Women Don’t Think Twice Before Dumping! Are You One of Them?


There are all kinds of men in this world!

Handsome Men…

Horny Men…

Hunky Men…

Men of Honour…

Men of Love…

Men of Romance…

Men of Money…

And the men, women don’t think twice before dumping!

Yes! It happens, as brutal as it may sound, but it does!

Well, there are certain times when a man will show signs of behaviour that doesn’t quite mesh with a good relationship. So, smart women choose to save themselves some heartache down the road and they put some of the dudes in the “You Are Dumped” bracket, sooner the possible!

And here’s the top 8 of those kinds! We really hope you are not one of these, if you are a man reading this!

  1. Empty Pockets Pal!

Understood that today’s women are not a materialistic, they are independent and are alright with going dutch on a date. Women don’t necessarily want a rich millionaire, but a little something can be a good thing. Even the guy would feel his dignity is safe if he can contribute some. And a man who still cannot understand this and conveniently chooses to skip the bill part at every date, he goes in the trash, after a few!

  1. “J” Is His Middle Name!

The hard-core jealous is dropped early, too. The one who is short with the waiter who smiles at his girl and would tell her that she shouldn’t hug her boss like that or else he’ll think she has hots for her boss. He is also very demanding of her time and wants her to account for every minute that she was out of his sight. Women would like that attention for few days maybe, but it can turn into a very dangerous situation quickly. And you know what we mean here!

  1. Mr. Richie Rich is Back!

The poor little rich guy’; he shows off a lot of moolah, like he’s going to run out of it or, he just keeps believing that ‘love can be bought’! Such men hurt themselves by losing on the chances of having a real relationship. Women tend to run away from them, as soon as the truth comes out screaming.

  1. Too Much of ‘Ex’ factor!

‘You are good, but she was better!’ And then he goes on and on about his “Ex”! Woman feels like banging her head on the nearest wall and tell him, he might as well go back. Well, the man who never gets over the ex-relationship, and somewhere keep sulking about it. Good or bad, the experience could be anything, but the fact that he still talks about her doesn’t help in getting the current relation any better. And that’s good enough sign for any woman to dump such man!

5 No Show, No Show In A Row!

He makes plans with his girl and then doesn’t show up, almost every time. And he doesn’t call to cancel either. What really makes it bad is if the girl gave up on an important meeting or a brunch with her girlfriends, only to meet him.  This happens most of the time and he calls with some lame excuses all the time. Such dudes are oh so rude! And need to be dropped immediately!

  1. The Sissy Boy

“The world is so harsh on me”, “I am so unlucky”, “People betray me”, “People take advantage of me”! These, and more, seem to be his favourite quotes, and he keeps chanting them. Unaccountable, selfish or plain immature, he just refuses to grow up or stop pulling the other person down or blaming the world or even his woman for his problems. And that is a big DANGER SIGN which loudly says that he is nothing but a sissy and it’s time to run!

  1. The Narcissist Chauvinist (You Decide Which One He Is More)

We call such man “Charlie” because he’s a lot like Charlier Harper from “Two and a Half Men.” He will find every excuse in the book not to meet the woman’s family, not to like her dog, her friends, not to do things that she like, etc. But, will find every possible way to make the girl do things that he wants her to do, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. It’s his way or the highway. Women would just give such man some cab fare and let him have his way!

  1. Mommy’s Boy With Dad As Financer

The guy is 25 yet, wears only what mommy buys him! He asks money from dad, whenever he wants to take her out for a date! That, darlings, is a sure shot guy who needs to get dumped at the first hear of “My mommy is the best, look she bought me this underwear!” or “Papa is a rich man, he won’t deny me money for my birthday party”

So men, now you what you don’t want to be, if you want to stay in the arms of your dear woman!

Happy togetherness to you all!

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