How To Deal With A Crush Even Though You’re Committed

Deal with a crush even though you are committed

Do you have a crush?

Are you committed?

Do you have a crush even though you are already committed? First thing foremost, if the answer for the 3rd question is a yes then don’t stress over because it’ all normal.

I completely understand your feelings– see you are in a lovely relationship and your partner is too serious about you; and on the other side you’ve a crush who is extremely cute and sexy.

But, the thought of dealing with it scares you and it makes you question– how to Deal with a crush even though you are committed?

As I mentioned earlier; it is entirely normal. And, before you make any big mistake; take a look at these tips on how to deal with a crush even though you are committed.

  1. That’s OK

Alright! You might think that you’re lost or you might even think that you’re too bad and evil etc. So, let me tell you about it clearly; no you’re not bad and you’re not even lost because it’s just a normal thing that has happened to you. And, guess what? Your partner must be having a crush too but people never share such things out. Right?

Make your heart believe that it is completely fine.

  1. Give yourself a break to think

You might get butterflies at the moment you see your crush and on the other side you also believe that you are in love with your partner. Well, before taking any harsh decision; have a complete scenario about the lovely things you had with your partner and cherish the moments of your love.

  1. Don’t cross the limit

If your crush tries to talk with you don’t overflow in his talks. Yes, that’s the main point because understand it’s just a crush and it will pass plus the butterflies will even die. Get it? Don’t cross limits by always hanging out and a thought of making further connection with your crush.

  1. Share things if you’re unhappy

If something is turning your mood down and making you unhappy then it’s alright to share about it. But, do make sure you share it out with your partner so you both can work together. Remember- you’ve been through a lot in a relationship and you don’t even want your love to fade away; so try building it strong by keeping the crush part as it is.

  1. Value yourself

You might think of ending a relationship only because of your butterflies but stop there and don’t do it. You don’t have to hurt yourself and you’re not even hurting others. Value yourself and respect the sacrifices your partner has done.

  1. Move On

As said the butterflies will die after sometime so don’t break your partner as well. Live in the moment and enjoy it until and unless it’s affecting your relationship. You will soon move on from the crush as time passes so just stay 100% committed to your partner as simple as that.

These were the tips on how to Deal with a crush even though you are committed. 

Any thoughts? Do comments below.


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