Why holding the arrow of a cupid is a tough job?

If you ever taken the role of a cupid, here are few situations that you will have to deal with…

Being a cupid sounds so angelic but in reality it is a tough role to be in. In the process of setting up two people you end up facing situations that can be profound. You can learn a lot of interesting facts about love.

Above all you will be one of those you can handle people in love well. Having said this, here is a look at the flip side of being a cupid…

You might end up becoming a love guru


The moment you take up the role of a cupid you will surely start to sound like Rumi. You will have solutions to every love problem.

You might have to keep lying to make the prospective couple optimistic


Hmmm! You definitely cannot upset people in love. You end up cooking up stories so that no one gives up at the very beginning.

You will always be under pressure 


Constant communication with people you are setting up can make you feel lost and more stressful than you are usually at work.

You will forget what it means to keep your cool


The ones who are in love are restless. They have no patience. A lot of times they might end up chewing your brain too.

If things don’t work out most probably you might too give up on love


It is the cupid who gets most affected in such situations. You actually feel you have lost your own battle.

So, think before you make any such setting up commitments. Just focus to mind your own business when it comes to love!

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