How to do a fishtail braid

Get the fishtail braid this festive season. We tell you how to go about it simple steps. Read on!

This festive season, flaunt a sexy fishtail braid! We tell you how to get this complicated yet classy hairdo right. Read on:

(Before sitting down to get this done, make sure that your hair is washed clean and that you have hair spray, hair pins and beads/decorative items ready)


Step 1:
Brush your hair thoroughly to remove knots and tangles. Use hair serum, if need be.

Step 2:
Part your hair on your best side (for the side-braided fishtail look) and leave it a bit messy to give it a romantic touch.

Step 3:
Divide your hair into two sections.


Step 4:
Take a small bunch of hair from one of the sides (doesn’t really matter which one) and overlap it inside the opposite side. The bunch you have carried from one side will now belong to the other side. Hold on to the hair tightly.

Step 5:
Now repeat the same process with the other side of the hair. Bring a small bunch from the outer layer and overlap it inside the opposite side.

Step 6:
Continue steps 4 and 5 till you get an inverted braid. Keep spraying a bit of stay-on so your sections don’t get entangled with each other.

Step 7:
The idea is to get a fish tail, so keep your bunches small. That is, begin by grabbing a handful of hair and gradually reduce it to get only a couple of strands.

Step 8:
Once you are satisfied with the length of the braid, tie it up with a decorative elastic band. If you’re wearing an anarkali or sari, you can add beeds to your braid. But if you’re wearing casuals, keep your messy and plain…skip the beads. Before you step out, pull out a couple of strands in order to give it the ‘slept in’ look.

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