10 Sassy Comebacks To Jerks That Stare At Your Twins Shamelessly !

When jerks stare at twins

When jerks stare at twins – They are creeps that shamelessly stare at her b***s.

I am sure every girl might have faced the awkwardness when some shameless jerks stare at her twins. I have no idea of why those bloody one keeps staring at them. Oh! Probably they are so much in love with them that they want them all for themselves:

You all might have come across perverts that keep staring and bother the least – of how it feels to us. You must also many a times wondered what best can be done to such perverts. Then, you gotta read this, to find out more.

Here are some sassy and witty comebacks that you gotta give back – the next time When jerks stare at twins. Now take a look at the bold witty comebacks.

When jerks stare at twins –

1 – May God bless you with enough money – that you could go for breast implant for yourself.
I really-really pray God to bless you with lots of money, so that you can get your breast implant done. Oh God, please bless this poor thing.

2 – Go get some life – instead of staring at my twins.

You are so jobless, I see!! Get into doing a job or I shall make you watchman for my home.

3 – Better takecare of your eyes that got hanged up uselessly on my b***s..!!

Better you control the way your eyes look at my b***s, before I pull the eye-balls from their sockets! Arrgh..

4 – Seems like you are trying to guess the size, so that you could steal lingerie from the store you work and gift me!!
You creepy thing, stop staring at once!

5 – Don’t worry they won’t escape somewhere – that you keep watching at them like a watchdog!!
You’d suit the job of nights watch. Better mind your bloody business, you disgusting thing.

6 – Wipe your mouth that is drooping!!
You dirty creep, wipe your drooling mouth. Pervert. Ewww!! How cheap you are!!

7 – Oh, you must be waiting for them to talk to you. Sorry, but they don’t!

I can imagine the way they would have start abusing you if they could speak – for the way you stare at them.

8 – Could you let me know what exactly your creepy mind is thinking now, you jerk!

Oh please lemme know the dirty mind you got.

9 – You must have got X-ray vision eyes – that are trying really hard to see through my tee.

I see you to be the world’s greatest pervert – for acting like you got X-ray eyes.

10 – Why are you so much into embarrassing me today it your agenda for the day?!

Stop embarrassing me, before I kick you out from here – dirty a**hole.

So, these are some comebacks that you can give, the next time when jerks stare at twins. Because, you don’t deserve to feel bad and embarrassed for what some dirty and jobless jerks act. Give them back, that atleast they realize how embarrassing it feels. No more fear. Time, being bold and witty and giving them back.

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