Gabbar Is Back – The Villain Is The Protagonist For A Change


Certain names are associated to negative or dark characters. For example ‘Gabbar’, ‘Mogambo’, ‘Crime Master Gogo’, ‘Shaakal’, ‘Kanchacheena’, etc. immediately strike the dark gory image in mind.

The teasers of the upcoming movie Gabbar is back starring Akshay Kumar have experimented with the negative and positive character.

The character ‘Gabbar’ here is a protagonist. Akshay Kumar plays the head of Anti-Corruption Force who aims to fight the corrupt people in the society.

To defeat the bad people you need to get into their shoes. Gabbar implies a negative character, who is bad for the corrupt people but ultimately is the hero of the society.

This idea of experimenting with the name and reversing roles in terms of the character is quite unique.

The teaser has all of Gabbar’s dialogues from the old film ‘Sholay’.

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