Top 10 tips for the perfect valentine day

valentine day

Valentine’s day is all about cherishing the loved ones and expressing love towards them. By putting some efforts and planning, the day can be made memorable.  

  1. Spend quality time together
    Spending quality time is the best gift that one can offer to the loved ones on this special day. There is no alternative to replace the time spent together.
  2. Start and end the day special
    Make the day special so that both the partners will remember it for a long time. Hence beginning from the day till the night, make it special.
  3. Gift the partner with flowers, chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals or candies
    Do not underestimate the power of flowers. Studies have shown different positive aspects of flowers. Send flowers to the partner to enjoy it all day and the coworkers will envy. Place the order early so that the florist will have enough time to deliver it on time.
  4. These small gestures will count an enormous amount
    Offer the partner with help for their chores, listen carefully when spoken, care and provide necessary attention, take the dog to the groomer, give a massage or a bath, repair something broken and have vehicles serviced.
  5. Plan and put some efforts into planning
    Don’t wait until the last minute to know the favorite dish and it gets sold out. Don’t wait to know the favorite perfume brand until the last minute and it gets sold out. Place the order in advance. In case there is a bright idea then make use if it and finalize it. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  6. Write a letter or a poem or a song
    Act to the partner as if it is the last day on earth. Tell the partner how valuable they are and put it on own words rather than typing. Both men and women are thrilled to know how special they are.
  7. Do an activity with your partner
    Take a day off for Valentine’s day. It falls on Friday this year. Plan a trip for the weekend too. Make the 3 days count with the partner. In case of planning to stay at home, then do some activities together.
  8. Give surprises on this special occasion
    Present them with a gift that is selected especially for them.
  9. Anticipation is pleasure
    Let the partner know there is a big plan but keep them in suspense. Make calls to their office, send emails, send voice mails, stick sweet nothing stickers in their home or car.
  10. Plan for an outing or special romantic time at home
    Dress up like a pair and go out for dinner. Keep flowers waiting in the table. Don’t order at the last minute. In case planning to stay at home then decorate it and play a piece of favorite music. Try favorite champagne. Play a movie or dance.

It is not about whom you love but it is about how you show them that you love. If the loved ones need a special kind of attention then do not forget to include it.

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